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WarmlyYours Tile, Stone and Hardwood Floor Warming System

We are an authorized distributor for the WarmlyYours floor warming system

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Spa-Like Luxury At Home With WarmlyYours Floor Heating
From bathroom and kitchen to bedroom... find the right solutions to customize your everyday climate, air quality and more.

WarmlyYours's floor warming system offers you unparalleled comfort and luxury in any room in your home with one of the most well known and trusted brand names among homeowners.  The WarmlyYours floor warming system adds body-enveloping warmth to tile, stone and hardwood flooring and provides a level of personalized comfort unmatched in conventional building and flooring practices.  WarmlyYours makes it easy….The WarmlyYours ultra-thin electric floor warming system comes in easy to install fiberglass mesh backed rolls that are embedded directly into a thin layer of cement before final floor covering installation. Project delays can be eliminated with overnight custom system design and same day shipping. Dedicated trained radiant heating experts are available 24/7 to assist you with installation and technical support.

ystem Description
WarmlyYours Floor Heating systems consist of a Teflon insulated copper alloy resistance heating element sewn to a fiberglass mesh backing. The heating element is evenly spaced in 2” serpentine loops. It also delivers a faster, more even distribution of heat for improved homeowner comfort.
The entire system is less than 1/8” thick allowing it to be easily installed under tile and stone without greatly affecting the floor height.

The fiberglass mesh backing helps to hold the warming cable in place for easy, fault-free installation. It also allows the system to be covered directly by the thin set cement used to lay tile or natural stone flooring.

Full room heating systems generally consist of a single WarmlyYours heating “roll” of predetermined length. The system is placed in position using the easy-to-follow floor layout diagram provided with each kit, with a pre-attached lead that runs to a thermostat and/or junction box for power. No additional installation wiring is required.  For heated areas smaller then 150 square feet we recommend our 120 volt heating rolls. This is usually the easiest system to wire in most houses across America. There is no heating or efficiency differences between 120 volt and 240 volt.  For heated areas larger then 150 square feet we recommend our 240 volt heating rolls. For larger areas it is often easier to run 240 volt power then to run the heating system on 120 volt. Also if you are planning on replacing existing baseboard heating, check the voltage, as older baseboards were often wired in 240 volt.

att/Sq. Ft. System
WarmlyYours floor heating systems are 15-watts per square foot, the maximum allowable by the National Electrical Code. They will raise floor and room temperatures to the desired setting more rapidly and yet, when partnered with our SmartStat programmable thermostat, use no more electricity than comparable 12 watt per square foot systems.
Energy Efficient & 100% Maintenance Free
WarmlyYours floor heating systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Unlike conventional forced-air heating systems, electric radiant heat converts 100% of its energy into producing even, room-filling heat that envelopes the whole body in soothing warmth. Even when employing a full 10-hour on cycle, a WarmlyYours system will heat a large size family room or sunroom for less than $0.58 a day, and an oversized bathroom for considerably less. In addition to being energy efficient, WarmlyYours systems are 100% maintenance free, with no moving parts to wear out or filters to change.
UL Listed
Warming Kitchen Floors - Turn the kitchen into a place the entire family can gather in comfort of warm floors.  With a WarmlyYours Radiant Floor Heating System your kitchen will become not just a place to prepare meals but somewhere the entire family can gather in comfort.
Warming Bathroom Floors - Cold Bathroom floors are a thing of the past, WarmlyYours floor warming has a solution for you.
With the growing market for bathroom remodeling, and a desire among homeowners for clean, fresh, easy to maintain hard floor surfaces, the problem of cold feet stepping out of warm showers & bath tubs is a common one. It is understandable that people are reluctant to put down rugs and bath mats – why should they? The choice for ceramic tile was partly based on a desire to show off design and color.
It's a cold winter morning and you stumble into the bathroom for your shower. One hour ago, your WarmlyYours Radiant Floor Heating System started to warm the floor. The ceiling, walls and furniture surfaces have absorbed the radiant heat, surrounding you with warmth and comfort. Good morning America.
Warming Basement Floors

Usually one of the coldest spaces in the home, basement rooms have always been a place that is difficult to keep warm (particularly during the colder months of the year). However, with the current trend among homeowners of converting their basements to create children’s playrooms, dens, media rooms and offices, efficient warming has become an increasingly important need.

With the tendency of warm air to rise, forced air systems are not the most efficient way to heat these rooms – the floor will usually remain cold while you may feel warm above your knees. With a WarmlyYours Radiant Floor Heating System you keep the heat where it is needed, at the lower six feet of the room. Radiant floor temperatures are far more pleasant than being struck by hot and cold breezes (as is typical with forced air systems).
Install a warm floor in your basement
"With the heat vents at the ceiling the warm air stays up there while the slab continuously absorbs the ambient heat from the air close to the ground. This used to give me 76º at the ceiling while my feet were freezing on a 64º slab!"

Joseph Meadows, PA

Frequently Asked Questions
How quickly does it warm up?

The time needed to warm up your floor depends on several factors, such as the heat loss, your local weather or season, the type of subfloor you have, the space & insulation under the heated floor, and the watts option you chose (10 or 15 watt/ sq. ft.). In most cases, a second floor bathroom with 15-watt/ sq. ft. product will reach 78-to-82 deg after 30 to 40 minutes (which is most people's preferred temperature) and 90 deg after 2 hours. Installations with 10 watt products have a slower build of heat.

Is there any Fire Hazard?

No, there is no risk. As a matter of fact, our product is UL certified. UL (Underwriters Laboratory) tests electrical components and equipment for potential hazards. When something is UL-listed, that means that the UL has tested the device, and it meets their requirements for safety - i.e.: fire or shock hazard.


The WarmlyYours new ultra-thin electric systems are designed to be installed on top of the sub floor and directly beneath the stone floor covering during the final application. The mesh backing allows the system to be quickly laid out and affixed to the sub floor by the floor covering professional immediately prior to floor covering application.  There is no need for a radiant heating specialist, and most installations can be completed by the first time floor covering installer or HVAC professional without prior training, thanks to our installation guides and 24/7 technical support line.

 How do I get started?

You can send us a floor plan for a free customized installation plan and a precise estimate.  Simply fax or email us a floor plan and we’ll have our design team take a look at your room and work out exactly how we can fit our product in there. Make sure that you mark on what kind of floor you’re looking to heat, and we’ll prepare a customized installation plan that will show you the coverage that we can achieve, the way you need to lay out the mat and the full electrical specs for the project…as well as the price.

If the surface you would like to warm is simple, you can call us toll free to get an estimate on the phone.

Who installs WarmlyYours?

There are two parts in any WarmlyYours installation: the installation in the floor and the electrical connection. Obviously the electrical connection should always be done by an experienced electrician.

The open question is really Who Installs WarmlyYours in the Floor? Generally it is the tile setter or the flooring installer. A tile setter can easily cut the rolls and fit the room. The only small electrical experience he needs is to read the ohm resistance with a ohm meter. (see section 7 of the installation manual on the web site)

What should I tell my electrician?

A designated line is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of sporadic or nuisance tripping in the GFCI. Based on the square footage, a 220 line, or 120 line with a relay contactor (installations over 120 Square feet) will be needed. The thermostat works best situated in a double gang box with a single mud ring, giving enough room for the lead wires and sensor wire if the LineVoltPRO is being used. Again based on the square footage and voltage of the system we can determine the size of the breaker on the box, most systems would require a 15 amp breaker. Two conduits are brought to the floor from the control unit, one houses the sensor wire and the other will house the leads. The sensor and the leads cannot share the same conduit.

How do I lay out the rolls on the floor?

The easiest thing to do is to fax us your floor plan and we will fax back an installation layout that is customized to your open floor space with a price quotation FREE of charge.


Is the product repairable?

Yes, the location of a break or an electrical short can be found. Our success rate at repairing the WarmlyYours system, if damaged during installation, is extremely high. In locating a break we send out a device, ShortStop, which transmits a radio signal down the wire. If our floor plan has been followed, the position of the break or short should not be to difficult to establish. A couple of tiles will need to be removed and the broken cable will need splicing. A repair Free splice kit is available to perform this reparation.

Surface to cover

What floor area should I cover?

If the WarmlyYours roll is installed as a secondary source of heat, we recommend covering only the standing and traffic areas. We like to heat the toe-kick space under your counters and vanities, but we generally do not cover the last 6-to-18 inches against a wall where no one will be walking or standing.

What are the different control options?

The lower end controller options we have are a Comfort Regulator and a Programmable timer. The latter controller offers 7-day, 14 event programming capabilities at a value price (does not regulate temperature) Our Comfort regulator features a convenient dial to control your preferred comfort level with ease.

Our top of the line model is a fully programmable thermostat with a built in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. This thermostat features a temperature probe that senses the temperature of your floor. It provides homeowners with total control over their floor heating system. Along with a 7-day, 4 events per day settings, the thermostat is designed for maximum comfort and system enjoyment. We recommend that this product be used with all hardwood and floating wood floor heating capabilities where a floor covering manufacturer has specified a maximum heating level.

How does "Electric" Floor Heating Compare to "Hydronic" Radiant Floors?

"Hydronic" systems use a boiler to heat up hot water and a pump to circulate the hot water in plastic pipes installed in a concrete slab. "Electric" systems use an electric resistance cable, sometimes assembled into a mat or a roll (conceptually similar to an electric blanket) to heat up a thin layer of concrete in the floor structure.
1. One difference is the floor elevation involved. The hydronic system elevates the floor by a couple of inches, which can be a problem in many remodeling jobs. Thin electric systems will elevate the floor by only 1/8".
2. Time to heat up: Hydronic systems are placed 1.5" or 2" into a concrete slab. This is so deep into the floor that it usually takes 4 to 7 hours to heat up when they are first turned ON. Therefore, they are left ON for many months and consume energy during a longer period of time.
3. Energy Saving: The thin electric mats are placed above the sub-floor, just under the flooring material. They will heat the floor in 30 to 60 minutes under tile. They are controlled by a timer and a thermostat and in most cases, the homeowners will preset ON-OFF cycles to provide heat only WHEN he/she needs it and WHERE he/she needs it (selecting rooms and heating from your feet up).
4. Cost of Installation: In remodeling jobs or in select rooms of a new construction hydronic systems will cost more to install. In very large jobs (complete home in new constructions), the hydronic systems will often be less expensive to install.
5. Maintenance and repairs: Hydronic systems need to circulate water continuously and they use valves and manifolds, which are prone to sedimentation, mechanical problems and maintenance issues. Electric systems have no moving parts and require no maintenance. If a hydronic installation is faulty, it is difficult to find a leak and the system is difficult to repair. With electric systems an underground fault detector can find the exact location of the break and after breaking just one or two tiles it is easier to splice the electric cable and replace the few tiles removed.
6. Operating costs: The cost of electricity in America varies between 3 cents/kWh up to 18 cents per kWh, therefore, the cost of generating 1,000 BTU with a hydronic system may sometimes be lower than the cost of generating 1,000 BTU with an electric system. However, the real comparison needs to consider the different ways these two systems are used. The hydronic system will be ON for many months, while the electric system will be ON-&-OFF several times a day according to the ON-OFF settings of each room thermostat. Moreover, during each ON period, the electric system will only use electricity continuously for the initial period of temperature build-up. Thereafter, it will cycle between ON and OFF and will only draw electricity during 25% to 33% of the time remaining during the ON period.


24/7 Installation Support • Lifetime Technical Assistance • Free Design Service

WarmlyYours 7-Day Programmable Thermostat is one of the most advanced thermostats for electric heating on the market. It features precise comfort control, a sophisticated design and high-end programming features.

How you plan to use your radiant floor heating system and where it will be installed will determine what type of thermostat or control should be included with your installation. If bathroom or kitchen floors are to be heated, you may wish to use a 7-day, 4-event programmable thermostat that can have the floors warm-and-inviting first thing in the morning and late in the evening. Family rooms and sunrooms may operate just as well with a simpler control - designed as a basic on/off switch, with the ability to regulate the level of power going to the floor (thereby regulating the floor temperature).


Consistent Comfort, Plus Energy Savings.

Smartstat Thermostat
Consistent Comfort, Plus Energy Savings.


This SmartStat™ dual voltage programmable thermostat can be used with 120 volt and 240 volt floor heating systems. Includes an in-floor sensor and a digital display that indicates the exact floor temperature. It also features a manual set-back to a "high" and a "low" temperature level, and it features a built-in electric GFCI. The programmable function allows you up to 4 setting changes for each day of the week. For installations utilizing more than 240 square feet of electric radiant floor heating product, a Master Thermostat with Power Module or a Relay Contactor is also required.
Operating manuals and instructions on how to program your thermostat are available below under the "Documents" and "Programming" tabs.

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120 Volt Mats:
WARMLYYOURS10001 09-15A-120 1' x 9'" 1.13amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10002 07-15B-120 1.5' x 7' 2" 1.31amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10003 10-15B-120 1.5' x10'2" 1.88amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10004 13-15B-120 1.5' x 13'2" 2.43amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10005 16-15B-120 1.5' x 16'2" 3.00amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10006 19-15B-120 1.5' x 19'2" 3.57amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10007 22-15B-120 1.5' x 22'2" 4.13amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10008 25-15B-120 1.5' x 25'2" 4.68amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10009 28-15B-120 1.5' x 28'2" 5.25amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10010 31-15B-120 1.5' x 31'2" 5.82amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10011 34-15B-120 1.5' x 34'2" 6.38amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10012 37-15B-120 1.5' x 37'2" 6.94amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10013 40-15B-120 1.5' x 40'2" 7.5amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10014 44-15B-120 1.5' x 44'2" 8.25amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10015 49-15B-120 1.5' x 49'2" 9.19amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10016 54-15B-120 1.5' x 54'2" 10.1amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10017 60-15B-120 1.5' x 60'2" 11.3amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10018 66-15B-120 1.5' x 66'2" 12.4amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10020 72-15B-120 1.5' x 72'2" 13.5amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10021 78-15B-120 1.5' x 78'2" 14.6amp Select
240 Volt Mats:
WARMLYYOURS10022 07-15B-240 1.5' x 7'2" 0.66amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10023 10-15B-240 1.5' x10'2" 0.94amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10024 14-15B-240 1.5' x 14'2" 1.31amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10025 20-15B-240 1.5' x 20'2" 1.88amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10026 26-15B-240 1.5' x 26'2" 2.44amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10027 34-15B-240 1.5' x 34'2" 3.19amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10028 42-15B-240 1.5' x 42'2" 3.94amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10029 44-15E-240 3' x 44'2" 8.25amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10030 50-15B-240 1.5' x 50'2" 4.69amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10031 51-15E-240 3' x 51'2" 9.56amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10032 60-15B-240 1.5' x 60'2" 5.63amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10033 60-15E-240 3' x 60'2" 11.28amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10035 71-15E-240 3' x 71'2" 13.34amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10036 74-15B-240 1.5' x 74'2" 6.94amp Select
24 Volt Mats:
WARMLYYOURS10037 02-15B-24 1'6" x 2'2" 2.03amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10038 03-15B-24 1'6" x 3'2" 2.97amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10039 05-15B-24 1'6" x 5'2" 4.84amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10040 07-15B-24 1'6" x 7'2" 6.72amp Select
WARMLYYOURS10041 15-15B-24 1'6" x 15'2" 14.08amp Select
Thermostats and Accessories:
WARMLYYOURS10042 TH115-AF-GA-08 120 or 240 Volt Programmable Thermostat Select
WARMLYYOURS10043 TH114-AF-120GA 120 Volt Non-Programmable Thermostat Select
WARMLYYOURS10044 TH114-AF-240GA 240 Volt Non-Programmable Thermostat Select
WARMLYYOURS10068 T1033A 7-Day programmable Floor Heating Timer. Program up to 14 events. Up to 30 square feet max. Cannot regulate floor temperature when used alone. LCD digital read out. Can be used as an on/off switch. Select
WARMLYYOURS10076 COLDLEAD 1 Foot Extra Power Wire Select
WARMLYYOURS10077 SP-03 Splice Kit Select
WARMLYYOURS10078 SS-01 Circuit Check Select

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