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Industrial/Commercial Space and Process Thermostats

Chromalox AR and ARR Thermostats - Non-Indicating Industrial Temperature control of any electrically heated solid, liquid or gas. Excellent for ovens or sterilizers.  Bulb & Capillary, 0 - 700F Temperature Range, Single Phase, 120 - 480 Vac , Three Phase, 208 - 277 Vac , Reverse Acting Model ARR, Knob Cover & Pilot Light (Option),  Excellent for ovens or sterilizers, Molding machines, Heat exchangers, Labeling machines, Water baths, Heat sealer, Type ARR may be used to control refrigerating, ventilating and alarm systems. White-Rodgers 2A37-1 Commercial Room Thermostats for unit heaters, boilers, furnaces, electric heaters, etc., 20 to 90F, SPST has an external sensing element
Johnson Controls A19ANC-1C Industrial Thermostat, Rainproof, 0 to 150F, Single Pole Double Throw, 10' Capillary White Rodgers 176-6 Commercial Room Thermostat, 40 to 80F, SPST has an internal sensing element and an indicating thermometer, for unit heaters, boilers, furnaces, electric heaters, etc
White Rodgers 2A20-2 Explosion Proof Industrial Heavy duty thermostat suitable for Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups E, F and G locations. Chromalox SBKT Control Panel Thermostat. Designed for control of temperature in instrument control cabinets. Three Temperature Ranges, 15A @ 120V, 10.5A @ 240V, 9.3A @ 277V, Ambient Temperature 350F Max, Note: Leads and mounting hardware provided to mount on Chromalox Strip Heaters.
Johnson Controls A19BAC-15C Commercial Space Thermostat, Single Pole Double Throw, 30 to 110F Chromalox WCRT Corrosion Resistant Wall Mounted Industrial Room Thermostat. Directly control an individual heater. Using an external contactor, it can control several heaters. High level accuracy and sensitivity with 2.5F differential. The control has a SPDT output and can be used for heating or cooling. 25-Amps, 120 - 240 Vac. 22 - Amps, 277 Vac. Positive Snap-Action Switch. Heating or Cooling Control, SPDT Contacts. NEMA 4X Weatherproof Enclosure. 40 - 100F Temperature Range.
White Rodgers 230-22 Industrial Space Thermostat for curing rooms, incubators, anti-freeze control for stock watering tanks or orchards, developing tank, aquarium, swimming pool, etc.    

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