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Snow Melting Mats, Cables and Infrared Heaters

RX-C Danfoss RX-C Series Roof and Gutter Heating Cable. Cut to length Commercial RX-C Roof and Gutter Deicing self-regulating cables provide the protection needed to prevent ice dams and build-up from damaging buildings, roofs and gutters. RX-C Roof & Gutter Deicing cables are UV-rated. Indus-Tool ICE-SNOW Ice-Away Heated Ice & Snow Melting Mat. You never need to shovel the snow in front of your door. Has 15-ft. cord with GFCI/ELCI circuit breaker. Heating Element Voltage: 120 Vac. Power Density: 40 Watts per square foot. This Outdoor Mat is made with non-slip, UV protected rubber. 24" x 36" mat is 1/2 inch thick.
Danfoss RX thumbnail Danfoss RX Roof & Gutter Deicing Cables. 120 Volt Household Electric Roof De-icing Cable (Residential Grade) and 6 foot power cord with plug. Constant watt heating cables designed for use with metal or asphalt roofing. Durable and high quality materials provide excellent moisture, corrosion and impact protection. Simply plug the RX cables directly into the power receptacle. EasyHeat Snow Melting Cable Mats Designed to be embedded in concrete or asphalt, either as part of a new installation or when re-paving., these cables will heat the surface area above freezing, thereby melting any snow or ice. Pedestrians and vehicles can then move securely on the protected surface.
EasyHeat Roof and Gutter Heat Trace Cable 120 Volt Household Electric Roof De-icing Cable (Residential Grade, 5 Watts/foot) and 6 foot power cord with plug Wrap-On Roof and Gutter Heating Cables. 120 Volt Household Electric Roof De-icing Cable (Residential Grade, 5 Watts/foot) and 6 foot power cord with plug
EasyHeat PSR Pre-Terminated Self-Regulating Cable for pipes and roofs.  Prevent water pipes from freezing. Prevent the formation of ice dams on rooftops. Suitable for use on metal and plastic pipes up to 2 ½" in diameter. Self-regulating heating cable means energy efficiency. 120 & 240 VAC. Energy efficient. Pilot light on plug on 120 VAC models Chromalox Roof and Gutter Heating Cable 120 Volts or 208 - 277 Volts, Commercial Grade 12 Watts/foot in snow or ice, Self-Regulating output, cut to length required
Fostoria Mul-T-Mount Quartz Lamp Infrared Heating Assemblies. Comfort spot heating and snow melting. (208-480 volts) 3 element and 2 element Mul-T-Mount. Total Area Heating, Indoor Spot/Zone Comfort Heating, Outdoor Spot/Zone Comfort Heating or snow & ice control. The units are UL listed for both semi-exposed and completely exposed outdoor areas. Qmark Type FRP/FRS Quartz Infrared Heating Fixture. Total or supplement (spot) heating in commercial and industrial areas, assembly lines, aircraft hangers, outside smoking areas, work stations and shipping areas.  Snow melting for waiting areas and entryways, stairs, parking lots, driveways and loading docks, smoking areas. Metal Sheath, Quartz Tube or Quartz Lamp elements
EasyHeat MI Trace Cable in Pre Terminated Lengths. Fixed series resistance, constant wattage cable provided in pre terminated lengths with factory sealed connections. Manufactured with Alloy 825 outer sheath. Normally used in extreme high temperature industrial applications with 120, 208, 240, 277, 480 and 600 Volt EasyHeat SR Trace Self Regulating Cut to Length Roof De-icing Cable eliminates ice dams on rooftops, in power densities of three, five and eight watts per foot at 120, 240, 208, or 277V.
Ice Guard Danfoss Ice Guard. Self-Regulating contractor grade cable kits. Roof & Gutter Deicing Cable. 120V (with heavy duty grounded AC plug) or 240V. 6 foot power cord. 5 year warranty. Can be overlapped. ETI Snow and Ice Melting Controls and Sensors Snow Switch (Automatic Control For Snow Melting). Roof & Gutter Heat Trace and Infrared Snow Melting Controls

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EasyHeat is a registered trademark of Easy Heat, Inc.

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