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Payne Part #

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10x6x6in Enclosure Only for 18D-2-10Hi PAYNE10020
11D-2-150 Relay 240V 150A Single Phase PAYNE10035
11D-2-30i-27D  Solid State Pwr Contactor PAYNE10075
11DZ-2-50N 240V 50A Solid State Relay PAYNE10076
11E-2-120  240V 120Amp Relay 3- Phase PAYNE10036
11E-2-80 240 Volt 80 Amp 3-Phase PAYNE10105
11EZ-2-30 240V 30A Solid State Relay PAYNE10034
11EZ-4-120 controller PAYNE10077
11EZ-4-30 Solid State Relay PAYNE10047
12x10x8in Enclosure Only for 18D-2-30H PAYNE10012
18D-1-10i Variable Voltage Controller PAYNE10011
18D-1-20i-11C 20A 120V SCR Power Control PAYNE10033
18D-1-50 120V1P 50A SCR Power Control PAYNE10023
18D-1-80  120V 80Amp  Single Phase SCR PAYNE10038
18D-1-8011F PAYNE10048
18D-1-80-28  120V 80Amp SCR PAYNE10042
18D-1-80H SCR with enclosure PAYNE10053
18D-2-10Hi 240 Volt SCR Power Controller PAYNE10019
18D-2-10Hi w/ Enclosure PAYNE10059
18D-2-30CF-ENC PAYNE10044
18D-2-30-ENC 240V 1Ph 30A PAYNE10068
18D-2-30H Power Control 240V 30 Amp PAYNE10066
18D-2-30H-21C  30Amp 240V 1ph SCR w/21C PAYNE10015
18D-2-30H-ENC Power Control 240V 30 Amp PAYNE10101
18D-2-80H 240 Volts 80 Amps PAYNE10039
18D-2-80H SCR Power Cntrl w/Enclosure PAYNE10029
18D-2-80H with Enclosure and Option 19 PAYNE10050
18D-2-80H-E 240V 1ph 80 Amp w/Enclosure PAYNE10087
18D-4-10H 480V 10A Soft Start PAYNE10052
18D-4-10H 480V1P 10A SCR Power Control PAYNE10010
18D-4-10H-ENC SCR Controller PAYNE10090
18D-4-150H 480V1P 150A SCR Power Control PAYNE10071
18D-4-20 480V1P 20A SCR Power Control PAYNE10013
18D-4-30-11C-19 Phase Angle Controller PAYNE10054
18D-4-30-ENC 30A 480V 1Ph SCR Control PAYNE10056
18D-4-30H 480V1P 30A SCR Power Control PAYNE10073
18D-4-30H 480V1P 30A with Option 19 PAYNE10082
18D-4-30H-ENC 30A 480V 1Ph SCR Control PAYNE10026
18D-4-30-SW2  480V 30A SCR Controller PAYNE10040
18D-4-80H 480V1P 80A SCR Power Control PAYNE10072
18DZ-2-30 240V 1Ph 30Amp SCR Power Ctrl. PAYNE10063
18DZ-2-30-21C SCR Power Control PAYNE10049
18DZ-2-30i with Enclosure PAYNE10031
18DZ-2-50-E 240V 1Ph 50Amp SCR Pwr Ctrl. PAYNE10055
18DZ-3-120 277V 1ph 120V Pwr Control PAYNE10080
18DZ-3-80  277V 1ph 50 AMP SCR PAYNE10078
18DZ-3-80 277V 1ph 80Amp SCR Control PAYNE10079
18DZ-4-20-ENC 480V 1ph 20Amp w/Enclosure PAYNE10081
18E-2-20-19 Controller PAYNE10086
18E-2-30-11G  SCR Power Control PAYNE10030
18E-2-30H-ENC 240V 3ph 30Amp w/Enclosure PAYNE10083
18E-2-50 208V 3Ph 50 Amp PAYNE10100
18E-2-80H-ENC 208V 3ph 80Amp w/Enclosure PAYNE10109
18E-4-150 Scr Controller PAYNE10041
18E-4-20 480V 3ph 20Amp SCR PAYNE10091
18E-4-20-Enclosure PAYNE10027
18E-4-30-Enclosure 30Amp 480V 3ph PAYNE10016
18E-4-30H  480V 3phase 30 amps PAYNE10089
18E-4-30H-11G  480V 3ph 30 AMp SCR PAYNE10067
18E-4-50-11C 480V 50A SCR w/4-20ma Cntrl PAYNE10062
18E-4-80  480V 3ph 80A-120V Pilot Module PAYNE10084
18E-4-80-11C-ENCLOSED PAYNE10074
18EZ-2-80  240V 3p SCR w/Enclosure PAYNE10032
18EZ-4-120 480V 3ph 120Amp PAYNE10045
18EZ-4-150 480V 3ph 150Amp w/ Enclosure PAYNE10046
18EZ-4-20  480V 3phase 20 Amp PAYNE10060
18TB-1-25 PAYNE10008
18TB-2-15 Solid State Control PAYNE10037
18TB-2-25 PAYNE10007
18TBP-1-10 Controller PAYNE10070
18TBP-1-15 Controller PAYNE10001
18TBP-2-10 10 Amps 240 Volts PAYNE10014
18TBP-2-15 PAYNE10002
18TP-1-10 PAYNE10028
18TP-1-15 Controller PAYNE10003
18TP-2-15 Variable Voltage Control PAYNE10005
20x16x9in Enclosure Only for 18E-4-30 PAYNE10017
36D-1-10-11G  120V 10 Amp DC Output Cntr PAYNE10064
36D-1-20-11G 20-Amp 120V 1-Ph 60Hz PAYNE10065
36TBP-1-5 120VAC Input to DC Output Cntr PAYNE10085
49A2530  FUSES PAYNE10018
49A50-50 Fuse 50 amp PAYNE10051
49A50-80 80 Amp FUSE PAYNE10088
49C25-10 FUSES PAYNE10058
49C25-15 FUSES PAYNE10006
5299-S  Transformer for 18E-4-80H Cntrl PAYNE10022
75K Potentionmeter for 18D-1-50 SCR PAYNE10025
Fuse Cap for 18TP,18TBP, 36TBP Pwr Cntrl PAYNE10043
Potentiometer Only for 18E-4-80H PAYNE10021
Repair Charge PAYNE10009

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