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Easyheat Part #

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10561-001 1-1/4in to 1in adaptor EASY10161
10739-001 Replacement Thermistor Sensor EASY10221
10802 Freeze Free Connection Kit EASY10073
10803 Plug&End Seal Kit For Freeze Free EASY10044
10805 5 feet of Freeze Free cable EASY10075
10815 15 Ft Freeze Free Cable w/plug EASY10043
2102 Freeze Free Cable (100 Feet) EASY10049
2302 300 feet of Freeze Free cable EASY10071
2502 500 foot reel of Freeze Free cable EASY10215
2M-2-3-0X8  240V 200W Step Mat EASY10062
2M-2-6-0X8 240V 400W Step Snow Mat EASY10184
2M-8-3-0X8  208V 200W Step Mat EASY10410
2M-8-6-0X8 208V 400W Step Snow Mat EASY10413
3M-2-3-0X8   240V 300W Step Mat EASY10139
3M-2-6-0X8 240V 600W step mat EASY10273
3M-8-3-0X8   208V 300W Step Mat EASY10416
3M-8-6-0X8 208V 600W step mat EASY10419
4102 Freeze Free Display Kit EASY10324
ADKS-100 20 Foot 120V 100W Heat Cable EASY10001
ADKS-1000 200 Foot 120V 1000W Heat Cable EASY10002
ADKS-1200 240 Foot 120V 1200W Heat Cable EASY10003
ADKS-150 30 Foot 120V 150W Heat Cable EASY10004
ADKS-300 60 Foot 120V 300W Heat Cable EASY10005
ADKS-400 80 Foot 120V 400W Heat Cable EASY10006
ADKS-500 100 Foot 120V 500W Heat Cable EASY10007
ADKS-600 120 Foot 120V 600W Heat Cable EASY10042
ADKS-800 160 Foot 120V 800W Heat Cable EASY10037
APS-3C 208V /240VSnow Melt Control Panel EASY10569
C3RC Bulb and Capillary Thermostat EASY10116
CKT Concrete Kit Tape EASY10322
CS Heat Trace Caution Labels (5/pkg) EASY10052
CSK-12 19 Roof Clips 16 Spacers EASY10012
DFT1011 120V 1.1A Warm Tile Blue EASY10295
DFT1016 120V 1.6A Warm Tile Red EASY10296
DFT1022 120V 2.2A Warm Tile Green EASY10297
DFT1030 120V 3.0A Warm Tile Yellow EASY10298
DFT1039 120V 4.0A Warm Tile Purple EASY10299
DFT1048 120V 5.1A Warm Tile Orange EASY10300
DFT1059 120V 6.4A Warm Tile Brown EASY10294
DFT1069 120V 7.5A Warm Tile Beige EASY10449
DFT1079 120V 8.5A Warm Tile White EASY10450
DFT1088 120V 8.8A Warm Tile Pink EASY10451
DFT1098 120V 9.6A Warm Tile Silver EASY10452
DFT1108 120V 10.7A Warm Tile Black EASY10453
DFT2021 240V 1.1A Warm Tile A EASY10301
DFT2031 240V 1.6A Warm Tile B EASY10302
DFT2053 240V 2.2A Warm Tile C EASY10303
DFT2065 240V 3.3A Warm Tile D EASY10304
DFT2078 240V 4.8A Warm Tile E EASY10305
DFT2095 240V 5.1A Warm Tile F EASY10306
DFT2118 240V 6.3A Warm Tile G EASY10307
DFT2137 240V 7.5A Warm Tile H EASY10308
DFT2157 240V 8.4A Warm Tile I EASY10309
DFT2175 240V 8.8A Warm Tile J EASY10310
DFT2195 240V 9.6A Warm Tile K EASY10311
DFT2215 240V 10.7A Warm Tile L EASY10312
DFTCK Metal Strapping kit (1) 25 ft reel EASY10254
DFTRK Warm Tiles Repair Kit EASY10317
DH2-05 1/2 240V 363W 5.5ft X 36in EASY10178
DH2-11 Deep Heat Floor Heating Mat EASY10372
DH2-22 Deep Heat Floor Heating Mat EASY10214
DH2-36 240V 2376W  Heating Mat EASY10039
DSH Downspout Hangar Kit EASY10055
DT-1 Detecto Cable Fault Indicator EASY10584
EH38 Preset Thermostat EASY10038
ET-1 Non-Programmable Thermostat 120VAC EASY10290
ET-2 Non-Programmable Thermostat 240VAC EASY10291
FC130 High Limit Thermostat EASY10041
FFEC End Cap for Freeze Free Cable EASY10048
FPC-10 10ft length 50W 120V Heat Trace EASY10314
FPC-20 20ft length 100W 120V Heat Trace EASY10315
FPC-35 35ft length 175W 120V Heat Trace EASY10316
FPC-5 5ft length 25W 120V Heat Trace EASY10313
FPC-50 50ft length 250W 120V Heat Trace EASY10429
FT2021 240V 1.1A Warm Tile A EASY10019
FT2137 240V 7.5A Warm Tile H EASY10026
FT2157 240V 8.4A Warm Tile I EASY10027
FT2195 240V 9.6A Warm Tile K EASY10029
FTRK Warm Tiles Repair Kit EASY10068
FTS-1 120VAC Warm Tile Thermostat EASY10095
FTS-2 240VAC Warm Tile Thermostat EASY10094
G04X36-2-50-20A  240V 20ft cold leads EASY10083
G04X36-2-50-30A  240V 30ft cold leads EASY10527
G04X36-2-50-40A  240V 40ft cold leads EASY10528
G04X36-2-50-50A  240V 50ftcold leads EASY10529
G05X18-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10115
G05x18-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10491
G05x18-2-50-40A 240V40ft cold leads EASY10492
G05x18-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10493
G05x18-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10494
G05x18-2-50-70A 240V 70ft cold leads EASY10546
G05X36-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10107
G05X36-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10531
G05X36-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10532
G05X36-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10533
G06X18-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10181
G06X18-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10496
G06X18-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10497
G06X18-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10498
G06X18-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10495
G06X18-2-50-70A 240V 70ft cold leads EASY10547
G07X18-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10106
G07X18-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10499
G07X18-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10500
G07X18-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10501
G07X18-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10502
G07X18-2-50-70A 240V 70ft cold leads EASY10548
G08X18-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10223
G08X18-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10503
G08X18-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10504
G08X18-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10505
G08X18-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10506
G08X18-2-50-70A 240V 70ft cold leads EASY10549
G09x18-2-50-20A  240V 20ft cold leads EASY10103
G09x18-2-50-30A  240V 30ft cold leads EASY10507
G09x18-2-50-40A  240V 40ft cold leads EASY10508
G09x18-2-50-50A  240V 50ft cold leads EASY10509
G09x18-2-50-60A  240V 60ft cold leads EASY10510
G09x18-2-50-70A  240V 70ft cold leads EASY10550
G10x18-2-50-20A  240V 20ft cold leads EASY10077
G10x18-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10511
G10x18-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10512
G10x18-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10513
G10x18-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10514
G10X36-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10097
G10X36-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10118
G10X36-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10534
G10X36-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10535
G10X36-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10536
G10X36-8-50 208V 1500W Snow Melt Mat EASY10153
G15X18-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10113
G15X18-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10515
G15X18-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10516
G15X18-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10517
G15X18-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10518
G15X36-2-50-20B 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10045
G15X36-2-50-30B 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10231
G15X36-2-50-40B 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10537
G15X36-2-50-50B 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10538
G15X36-2-50-60B 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10539
G20X18-2-50-20A 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10061
G20X18-2-50-30A 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10519
G20X18-2-50-40A 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10520
G20X18-2-50-50A 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10521
G20X18-2-50-60A 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10522
G20X36-2-50-20B 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10084
G20X36-2-50-30B 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10540
G20X36-2-50-40B 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10541
G20X36-2-50-50B 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10542
G20X36-2-50-60B 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10543
G30X18-2-50-20B 240V 20ft cold leads EASY10060
G30X18-2-50-30B 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10523
G30X18-2-50-40B 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10524
G30X18-2-50-50B 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10525
G30X18-2-50-60B 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10526
G30X36-2-50-20B 240V 20ft Cold Leads EASY10069
G30X36-2-50-30B 240V 30ft cold leads EASY10544
G30X36-2-50-40B 240V 40ft cold leads EASY10440
G30X36-2-50-50B 240V 50ft cold leads EASY10545
G30X36-2-50-60B 240V 60ft cold leads EASY10326
HB01 3.28ft length  23W 120V EASY10334
HB02 120V 6.56ft 46 watt EASY10339
HB02-2 240 Volt 6.56 feet long 46 watt EASY10262
HB03 120V 69W EASY10224
HB04 120V 13.12ft length 92 watts EASY10211
HB04-2 240V 92W EASY10225
HB05 120V 115W  16.41ftlength. EASY10164
HB06 120V 138W 19.69ft Long EASY10096
HB06-2 240V 19.69ft length 138 watts EASY10287
HB07 120V 161W  22.97ft length EASY10165
HB08-2 240V 26.25ft length 184 watts EASY10321
HB09  29.53ft length  207W 120V EASY10114
HB10-2 240 Volt 32.81 feet long 230 watt EASY10565
HB12 40ft 275W 120V EASY10206
HB12-2 240 Volt 39.37 feet long 275 watt EASY10566
HB14-2 240 Volt 45.93 feet long 321 watt EASY10567
HB18 120 Volt, 414 Watts, 59.06ft length EASY10200
HB18-2 240 Volt 59.06 feet long 414 watt EASY10568
HB24 120V heat trace EASY10293
HB24-2 240V 78.74ft length 551 watts EASY10444
HCA Application Tape for Freeze Freeze EASY10050
HCP-1 Cable Sentry Protector EASY10176
HSR202F HSR Self-Regulating Pipe Trace EASY10345
ILH4010 10 Foot 120V 50Watt EASY10198
ILH4020, 100 Watts, 20 Foot EASY10156
ILH4030 30 Foot 150W EASY10234
ILH4040  40 Foot 120V 200Watt EASY10183
ILH4050 50 Foot in line pipeheater EASY10182
ILH4060  60 Foot 120V 300Watt EASY10157
ILH4070 70 Foot 350 Watt Inline Heater EASY10253
ILH4090 90 Foot 450W EASY10244
ILH4100 100 Foot 120V 500Watt EASY10160
ILH4120 120 Foot 600 Watt Inline Heater EASY10195
ILH4140 120V 700Watt 140 Foot EASY10162
ILH4160 800W 120V 160 Foot EASY10232
ILH4180 900 Watts 180 Foot EASY10434
ILH4200 200 Foot 1000W EASY10235
ILH4225 1125 Watts 225 Foot EASY10435
ILH4250 1250 Watts 250 Foot EASY10436
ILH4270 270 Foot 1350 Watt Inline Heater EASY10194
JP31CB EASYHEAT SR Trace Self-Reg cable EASY10070
JP51CB 5 w/ft, 120 volt job pack EASY10331
JP52CB EASYHEAT SR Trace Self-Reg cable EASY10441
JP52J 240V Job Pack 100ft Cable EASY10269
MSA-1 Aerial Sensor EASY10371
MSC-1 Control Panel With TS-1 EASY10359
MSP-1 In Pavement Sensor EASY10360
NMPLT  UL Required Sno*Melter Nameplate EASY10128
NPro-50 50ft Pro Pack Freeze Free cable EASY10088
PC403-F Contactor EASY10127
PC403-G Contactor EASY10131
PC503  50 Amp Contactor EASY10282
PSR1006 6ft Length 30W 120V Heat Trace EASY10047
PSR1012 12ft Length 60W 120V Heat Trace EASY10065
PSR1018 18ft Length 90W 120V Heat Trace EASY10087
PSR1024 24ft Length 120W 120V Heat Trace EASY10057
PSR1050 50ft Length 250W 120V Heat Trace EASY10046
PSR1075 75ft Length 375W 120V Heat Trace EASY10089
PSR1100 100f Length 500W 120V Heat Trace EASY10091
PSR2006 6ft Length 30W 240V Heat Trace EASY10255
PSR2012 12ft Length 60W 240V Heat Trace EASY10256
PSR2018 18ft Length 90W 240V Heat Trace EASY10257
PSR2024 24ft Length 120W 240V Heat Trace EASY10102
PSR2050 50ft Length 250W 240V Heat Trace EASY10213
PSR2075 75ft Length 375W 240V Heat Trace EASY10258
PSR2100 100ft Length 500W 240V HeatTrace EASY10192
RS-2 Roof Cable Deicing Control EASY10011
SA-1 snow sensor EASY10272
SAM1013 120V 20 Inch x 8.67 Ft Mat EASY10604
SAM1100 120V 20 Inch x 66.67 Ft Mat EASY10605
SCL-1B cold lead kit EASY10237
SEC-2-04x36  240V 180Watt Embedded Mat EASY10330
SIC-1b in line splice kit EASY10159
SJB-1B J-Box Power/End Connection Kit EASY10053
SL-2G 120V T-Stat for ILH EASY10201
SR31CB 3 w/ft. 120 VAC, cut-to-order EASY10207
SR31CB250 EasyHeat SRTrace Cable EASY10080
SR31J 3watt 120V heat trace EASY10205
SR31J250  120V 250ft Dispensing Reel EASY10227
SR32CB250 250 foot self-dispensing reel EASY10564
SR32J 3watt per ft 240V heat trace EASY10228
SR32J250 250ft Spool Pipe Heating Cable EASY10318
SR51CB 5w/ft 120VAC EASY10155
SR51CB250 EasyHeat SRTrace Cable EASY10320
SR5-1J 120V 8W/Ft Roof/Gutter Heat Trace EASY10054
SR51J EASYHEAT cut-to-order SR Trace EASY10177
SR51J1000  120V 5W/FT 1000FT Reel Cable EASY10265
SR51J250  120V 5W/FT 250FT Reel Cable EASY10076
SR52CB  240V 5w/ft Pipe Trace Cable EASY10193
SR52CB250 240V 5w/ft Pipe Trace Cable EASY10448
SR52J 5w/ft 240VAC  Cut to Order Cable EASY10149
SR52J1000  240V 5w/ft 1000ft Spool EASY10260
SR52J250 5W/Ft 240V 250Ft Reel EASY10274
SR81CB 8 w/ft. 120 VAC, cut-to-order EASY10264
SR81J  8W/Ft 120V Self Regulating Cable EASY10219
SR82J 8 watt per ft 240V heat trace EASY10229
SRES EasyHeat Heat shrink end seal kit EASY10081
SRP Power/End Connection Kit EASY10056
SRSRG splice kit EASY10150
SRST Heat shrink splice & T connection EASY10082
SRTCS Fiberglass Tape/Caution Signs EASY10092
TSRP12 Power/End Connection Kit EASY10342
TSRP3 Power/End Connection Kit EASY10288
TSRS3 In LineSplice Kit:3in Pipe & below EASY10431
TSRT12 T-splice kit-12in pipe and below EASY10343
XD102 240V 1000W 126FT EASY10488
XD-152 constant wattage cable EASY10163
XD-252 constant wattage cable EASY10443
XD-302 Constant watt cable EASY10141
XD-402 constant wattage cable EASY10238
XD-502 240V  5200W 661FT EASY10123
ZH4-1-CBR 120V 4W/Ft Pipe Trace Cable EASY10051
ZH4-2-CBR 4W/ft 240V EASY10136
ZH8-1-CBR 8w/ft 120V heat trace EASY10158
ZH8-2-CBR 8w/ft 240V EASY10208
ZH-C Roof Clips 50pcs or Spacers 25pcs EASY10058
ZHEC end caps (bag of 5) EASY10137

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