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Chromalox 3/8" Diameter CIR Series Cartridge Heaters

Chromalox Electric Heaters and Controls
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Type CIR





All dimensions in inches.

Cartridge Accessory Sleeve Adapter

























3/8" Dia. Cartridge heaters can be sleeved to fit 1/2 and 5/8" diameter holes, allowing one diameter to fit most applications.

3/4" I.D. Sleeves permit installation of type CIR high watt density heaters in 1-1/4" diameter holes to replace old style large diameter heaters.
Makes Removal of heaters easier. No more drilling, hammering, etc.
Made of Steel, these pressed powder metal sleeves have been designed and fully tested to assure proper transfer of heat from the cartridge heater to the work.
800°F Maximum Work Temperature. For higher work temperatures, contact us.

Chromalox Cartridge Heater Manual in .pdf Format - Heating Solids with Cartridge Heaters You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

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For heaters or with a stock status of ST (Stock): Typically in 5-7 workdays or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method.

For heaters with a stock status of NS (Non Stock): These products are non-returnable. Typically ships in 25-27 workdays or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method.

Price below does not include shipping cost which is calculated using your address before entering your credit card number.

Note: For heaters with a stock status of NS (Non Stock): A minimum order amount is required by Chromalox and varies depending on the price of the product. The total dollar value per line item must be at least approximately 300.00.

Item Id

Catalog No.

Stock Status (See note above)

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CHROM274327 CIR-2012 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM242165 CIR-2012 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM274511 CIR-2013 120V 100W ST Select
CHROM140011 CIR-20141 120V 30W ST Select
CHROM242173 CIR-2014 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM242181 CIR-2014 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM279638 CIR-20151 120V 100W ST Select
CHROM274343 CIR-2015 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM242190 CIR-20151 240V 100W ST Select
CHROM160979 CIR-20152 240V 130W ST Select
CHROM274351 CIR-2015 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM274335 CIR-2016 120V 85W ST Select
CHROM242237 CIR-20171 120V 175W ST Select
CHROM242229 CIR-2017 120V 125W ST Select
CHROM242245 CIR-20172 120V 250W AS Select
CHROM242253 CIR-20172 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM242261 CIR-20173 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM140468 CIR-20181 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM274520 CIR-2018 120V 50W ST Select
CHROM242202 CIR-20191 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM274538 CIR-2019 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM242210 CIR-20191 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM160995 CIR-2019 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM279662 CIR-20201 120V 50W ST Select
CHROM274360 CIR-2020 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM279670 CIR-20202 120V 100W ST Select
CHROM161031 CIR-20202 240V 100W ST Select
CHROM274378 CIR-2020 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM279700 CIR-20203 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM161074 CIR-20203 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM279726 CIR-20204 120V 300W NS Select
CHROM161111 CIR-20204 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM279742 CIR-20205 120V 350W NS Select
CHROM161138 CIR-20205 240V 350W NS Select
CHROM279769 CIR-20206 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM161154 CIR-20206 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM242296 CIR-20207 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM165235 CIR-20207 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM242288 CIR-20209 120V 75W ST Select
CHROM274546 CIR-2021 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM161058 CIR-2021 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM279785 CIR-20221 120V 100W NS Select
CHROM275215 CIR-2022 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM161170 CIR-20221 240V 100W NS Select
CHROM279806 CIR-20222 120V 150W NS Select
CHROM161197 CIR-20222 240V 150W NS Select
CHROM161234 CIR-2022 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM279822 CIR-20223 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM279830 CIR-20223 240V 200W NS Select
CHROM279857 CIR-20224 120V 300W NS Select
CHROM279865 CIR-20224 240V 300W NS Select
CHROM242309 CIR-20225 120V 75W NS Select
CHROM242333 CIR-20226 120V 175W NS Select
CHROM242341 CIR-20227 120V 350W ST Select
CHROM242350 CIR-20227 240V 350W ST Select
CHROM242317 CIR-2023 120V 125W ST Select
CHROM242325 CIR-2023 240V 125W NS Select
CHROM274386 CIR-2024 120V 165W ST Select
CHROM274394 CIR-2024 240V 165W ST Select
CHROM140476 CIR-20251 120V 165W ST Select
CHROM279873 CIR-20251 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM140484 CIR-20251 120V 75W ST Select
CHROM275223 CIR-2025 120V 75W ST Select
CHROM161293 CIR-20251 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM242405 CIR-20252 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM242413 CIR-20252 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM242421 CIR-20253 120V 250W NS Select
CHROM242430 CIR-20254 240V 300W NS Select
CHROM279890 CIR-2026 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM161314 CIR-2026 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM165403 CIR-2027 240V 100W NS Select
CHROM242368 CIR-2028 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM242376 CIR-2028 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM242384 CIR-2029 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM242392 CIR-2029 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM279953 CIR-20301 120V 300W NS Select
CHROM274423 CIR-2030 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM161410 CIR-20301 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM279970 CIR-20302 120V 400W NS Select
CHROM161437 CIR-20302 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM274431 CIR-2030 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM242510 CIR-20303 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM274407 CIR-2031 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM274415 CIR-2031 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM275231 CIR-2032 120V 100W ST Select
CHROM275240 CIR-2032 240V 100W ST Select
CHROM140492 CIR-20331 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM279910 CIR-2033 120V 150W NS Select
CHROM140505 CIR-20332 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM161357 CIR-2033 240V 150W NS Select
CHROM279937 CIR-2034 120V 250W NS Select
CHROM161390 CIR-2034 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM242499 CIR-2035 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM279996 CIR-2035 240V 500W NS Select
CHROM242448 CIR-2036 240V 600W ST Select
CHROM242456 CIR-2037 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM242464 CIR-2037 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM242472 CIR-2038 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM242480 CIR-2038 240V 300W NS Select
CHROM242501 CIR-2039 120V 150W NS Select
CHROM242595 CIR-20401 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM274440 CIR-2040 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM242608 CIR-20401 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM242616 CIR-20402 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM242624 CIR-20402 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM274458 CIR-2040 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM242632 CIR-20403 240V 300W NS Select
CHROM242640 CIR-20404 240V 500W NS Select
CHROM275258 CIR-2041 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM275266 CIR-2041 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM280006 CIR-2042 120V 250W NS Select
CHROM161517 CIR-2042 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM280022 CIR-2043 120V 500W SS Select
CHROM161550 CIR-2043 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM165243 CIR-2044 240V 200W NS Select
CHROM140513 CIR-20451 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM242528 CIR-2045 120V 125W ST Select
CHROM242536 CIR-2045 240V 125W NS Select
CHROM242544 CIR-2046 120V 175W ST Select
CHROM242552 CIR-2047 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM242560 CIR-2047 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM242579 CIR-2048 240V 450W ST Select
CHROM242587 CIR-2049 120V 550W ST Select
CHROM274466 CIR-2050 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM274474 CIR-2050 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM275274 CIR-2051 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM275282 CIR-2051 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM280049 CIR-2052 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM161592 CIR-2052 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM280065 CIR-2053 120V 500W NS Select
CHROM161630 CIR-2053 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM161656 CIR-2054 240V 750W NS Select
CHROM140521 CIR-20551 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM242659 CIR-2055 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM242667 CIR-2055 240V 150W NS Select
CHROM242675 CIR-2056 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM242683 CIR-2057 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM242691 CIR-2058 240V 600W ST Select
CHROM242704 CIR-2059 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM274482 CIR-2060 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM274490 CIR-2060 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM275290 CIR-2061 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM275303 CIR-2061 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM161710 CIR-2062 240V 750W ST Select
CHROM161736 CIR-2063 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM242712 CIR-2064 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM140556 CIR-20651 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM140530 CIR-20651 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM140564 CIR-20651 120V 600W ST Select
CHROM242720 CIR-2065 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM140548 CIR-20652 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM242739 CIR-2065 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM242747 CIR-2066 120V 600W ST Select
CHROM242755 CIR-2066 240V 600W ST Select
CHROM242763 CIR-2067 240V 600W NS Select
CHROM242771 CIR-2068 240V 1000W NS Select
CHROM242780 CIR-2070 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM242798 CIR-2070 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM140020 CIR-2072 240V 275W ST Select
CHROM242835 CIR-2075 240V 600W NS Select
CHROM242800 CIR-2076 120V 600W ST Select
CHROM242819 CIR-2076 240V 600W ST Select
CHROM242843 CIR-2077 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM242827 CIR-2079 240V 1000W NS Select
CHROM274503 CIR-2080 120V 700W ST Select
CHROM276015 CIR-2080 240V 700W ST Select
CHROM242851 CIR-2081 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM275311 CIR-2081 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM242860 CIR-2082 120V 400W NS Select
CHROM242878 CIR-2085 120V 500W ST Select
CHROM242886 CIR-2085 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM242894 CIR-2086 120V 600W ST Select
CHROM242907 CIR-2086 240V 600W ST Select
CHROM242915 CIR-2089 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM242923 CIR-2090 240V 600W ST Select
CHROM242931 CIR-2091 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM140038 CIR-2092 240V 350W ST Select
CHROM280110 CIR-2100 120V 600W NS Select
CHROM280129 CIR-2100 240V 600W NS Select
CHROM161816 CIR-2101 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM242940 CIR-2102 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM276023 CIR-2120 120V 900W ST Select
CHROM276031 CIR-2120 240V 900W ST Select
CHROM161859 CIR-2121 240V 1000W ST Select
CHROM242958 CIR-2122 120V 400W ST Select
CHROM242966 CIR-2123 120V 600W ST Select
CHROM242974 CIR-2123 240V 600W ST Select
CHROM276040 CIR-2150 240V 1100W ST Select
CHROM276058 CIR-2200 240V 1300W NS Select
CHROM276066 CIR-2240 240V 1500W ST Select

Chromalox® is a registered trademark.

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