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Pet, Reptile and Animal Supplies
Heaters and Controls for Terrariums and Aquariums,
Agriculture, Pets and Animals

Many of our heaters are recommended for use with animals. People with pets, pet shops, zoos, breeders, farms, aviaries, kennels, veterinarians, animal parks, dog houses and herpetariums need warming, incubating, heat therapy, brooding, etc. For animal care in the rural pig farm farrowing operations, stall of a thoroughbred race horse, city zoo, traveling circus, veterinary trauma center, etc. Infrared heats objects not air, so the animal would be kept warmer even in a relatively cold room.
Fostoria FFH Quartz Tube Assemblies. 900 watt comfort spot heater for farrowing & finishing, maternity & calving, milking, fowl brooding and kennels. Ready to install, just hang by its chains and plug into any 120 volt service. 8 foot grounded cord set, a protective guard and gold anodized aluminum reflectors. The reflector gives a uniform heating pattern over a 4'x4' floor area-plenty of room for two large litters to sleep in comfort. No need to "pile" to get warmth as can happen with a heat bulb. Fostoria FFH Quartz Tube Assemblies. 550 watt, 120 volt comfort spot heater for farrowing & finishing, maternity & calving, milking, fowl brooding and kennels.
Fostoria OCH-SERIES Outdoor/Indoor Trimline Quartz Tube Comfort Spot Heating Assemblies. Overhead "Spot" or "Zone" heating applications. Nearly instantaneous heat-up and can provide heat for specific areas within a large area.  120V-480V 1500-3000W,  two lengths; 46" & 57", Built-in Adjustable Mounting Bracket, allows for a 45-degree tilt of the heater housing, NEMA-4 Electrical Box and Frosted Quartz Tube. Fostoria Mitey Midget Quartz Lamp Assemblies. For farm buildings. Comfort spot heating.  Indoor industrial and commercial comfort heat applications such as: work stations, aisleways, freezer doors, farm buildings, pump houses and smoking shelters. Quartz lamps or tubes

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