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NUHEAT Floor-Warming System for Tile, Stone, Laminate and Engineered Wood Surfaces

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We are an authorized stocking distributor for NUHEAT Industries Ltd.


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Barefoot comfort for your home.  Throw away your slippers and enjoy the incomparable comfort of a warm tile floor with the NUHEAT floor-warming system!  Designed like an electric blanket for the sole purpose of heating ceramic tile and natural stone, this radiant heating system is one of the easiest and quickest to install.  This thin radiant electric heat mat is only 1/8” thick making it quick and easy to install directly between your tile and subfloor without significantly increasing the height of your floor.  There are over 60 different standard mat sizes that fit the majority of rooms and custom mats can also be made to fit areas with curves, angles and protruding fixtures.  NUHEAT is the easiest and quickest radiant floor heating system to install saving customers time and money.  This durable, high-tech floor-warming system offers a consistent distribution of heat across the floor.  NUHEAT is committed to ensuring that their product is the utmost in product quality, durability and safety.

“We have NUHEAT in our entrance hall, ski room and bathrooms in our Whistler, BC, Canada home. It’s wonderful to come in from the cold, take off our boots and step onto a warm floor. Our footwear is always warm and dry with NUHEAT – a real treat when putting on ski and snowboard boots in the morning! We find that our NUHEAT heated floors really add coziness and ambience to our home.”  Adair & Margaret Green

How it works 

What are the basics of NUHEAT?

 *Note – Independent circuit means that no appliances or electrical devices can be connected to a circuit that NUHEAT is on.

What is Radiant Heating?

NUHEAT produces radiant heat – the most comfortable and energy efficient form of heating.  To better understand how radiant heat works, picture yourself working outside in the shade on a cool day.  Taking a break, you walk out of the shade and into the sunlight and soak up some rays.  You begin to warm up even though the air temperature around you is the same as when you were in the shade.  The heat you feel from the sun is radiant heat.  This imaginary description illustrates how you can be warm and comfortable even when the air temperature is cooler.  The same applies to NUHEAT – you can turn your thermostat down to a lower setting and still feel comfortable with a warm tile floor under your feet.  Another benefit of radiant heating is that it provides a constant temperature without the heating and cooling swings inherent with forced-air systems.

nuheat mat
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nuheat mats
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The NUHEAT electric floor warming system is designed to ensure your safety!  In terms of structural measures, every wire within the NUHEAT system is enclosed in two layers of insulation, the standard plastic insulation that all wires are required to have and an additional stainless steel braid.  The braid works to protect the electric floor heat from being penetrated by sharp objects and acts as the ground wire in the event of damage.

NUHEAT also offers a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) required by electric code.  This safety device terminates the electrical power to the radiant heat system immediately in the event of damage or a severe flood.

CSA Certified   UL Listed.  For information on the safety tests that NUHEAT passed through the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) in the USA and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), click here.


Note: NUHEAT cannot be installed under ‘European Showers’.


NUHEAT offers a 25-year warranty on all radiant floor heating mats. To download a PDF of the NUHEAT warranty card, click here. (Note - A PDF will require approximately 2-5 minutes to download)

Please note the following warranty conditions:

  • NUHEAT requires that all "first-time" installers call Head Office at 1-800-778-9276 before starting the installation to ensure that the radiant heat mats will be installed in the proper manner

  • NUHEAT must be on a dedicated circuit and protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)

  • NUHEAT must be tested (resistance & insulation) with a digital multimeter before, during and after the installation

  • NUHEAT must be installed and connected according to the specifications set out in the US National Electric Code, Part 1 of the Canadian Electric Code and all local/municipal electrical regulations and standards

  • A certified electrician familiar with residential/commercial electrical installation codes and practices must connect NUHEAT to power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NUHEAT?

NUHEAT is an electric floor warming system, much like a durable electric blanket, designed to bring soothing warmth to ceramic tile and natural stone floors.  This thin mat system is only 1/8” thick and easily laid between the subfloor and tile making it ideal for both renovation and new construction projects.  Mats come in over sixty standard sizes and custom size mats are also available for rooms with curves and angles. 

How much does NUHEAT cost to operate?

NUHEAT uses only 12 watts per square foot at full power producing a maximum temperature of 80-90°F or 27-32°C.  Couple this with a NUHEAT energy efficient control and your monthly cost is minimal, often the same cost as the lights in the same room.

What are the control/thermostat choices for NUHEAT?

The most popular control used with the NUHEAT radiant heating system is the Programmable Floor-sensing Thermostat.  This control allows the homeowner to set the floor temperature to their own comfort level and program the days and times that they want NUHEAT turned on or off.  Energy savings and comfort are fully optimized with this state-of-the-art programmable thermostat.

How easy is the NUHEAT installation?

NUHEAT is very simple to install.  A tile setter simply lays the NUHEAT “blanket” directly between the subfloor and tile.  The same materials used for laying tile are used for bonding the electric radiant heat mats to your subfloor.  A certified electrician can complete the connection between NUHEAT and your electrical circuit.  No time-consuming calculations, labor or additional materials are required.  Installation Instructions

How much does NUHEAT cost to purchase?

Price depends completely on the size and complexity of the area that you plan to heat.  For example, a room with curved or angled walls may require special custom mats which cost more than the standard (stock) mats.

Where can I install NUHEAT?

NUHEAT radiant heat mats may be installed under any ceramic tile, marble, granite or natural stone floor application to eliminate the cold chill.

Standard Mat Sizes

NUHEAT heating mats are composed of electrical resistance wires, evenly spaced and enclosed in a thin, durable fabric.

Designed like an electric blanket, mats can be laid directly underneath tile, marble or natural stone flooring. NUHEAT manufactures standard square and rectangular mat sizes and also designs custom sizes for areas with curves and angles. Contact us for assistance with floor coverage.

The installation of a Class A, non-receptacle, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is required (included with the programmable thermostats).  A full range of controls are available - see below for details. 

Standard connecting wire length is 10 feet - additional length is available as spliced on Extra Lead Length. For 110 or 220 Volt - catalog NHL Extra - Adder for each extra foot of lead wire to be added to appropriate Mat or Mats when shipped from Nuheat.  May add 1 week to the delivery time.  In your shopping basket, select the quantity of feet you need in total.  Indicate the lengths of extra wire desired on each mat you order in the order notes field.

Programmable Floor-Sensing Thermostat (Solo)

nuheat solo
Click here for a larger image

This fully programmable thermostat is a revolutionary dual-voltage "all-in-one" thermostat exclusive to Nuheat. Multiple SOLO thermostats can be networked together and controlled from one SOLO thermostat.

Programmable Floor-Sensing Thermostat (Harmony) decora-style faceplate

nuheat harmony
Click here for a larger image

Non-Programmable Floor-Sensing Thermostat (Tempo)

nuheat tempo
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Programmable Floor-Sensing Thermostat for Laminate & Engineered Wood (NTG5110L and NTG5220L)

MatComfort 82F


Manufacturers of laminate & engineered wood recommend that their products should only be warmed up to 84° Fahrenheit. The MatComfort 82F is regulated to only warm floors up to 82° Fahrenheit. Nuheat ensures that your investment in a floor warming system is absolutely risk free! Nuheat MatSense Technology protects your investment in a radiant floor heating system. We are the only radiant floor heating system that offers a technologically advanced thermostat that can provide risk free protection.

Tile & Stone Floor Heating Regulator (NDG6110 & NDG6220 )

MatComfort Regulator. The MatComfort Regulator offers homeowners control over their Nuheat floor warming system.

  • Heating Indicator Light
  • Power Selection Dial
  • On / Off switch
  • Available in 110 & 220 Volt formats
  • An alternative to precision control and programmable features for your Nuheat radiant floor heating system

Nuheat MatSense Pro Electrical Fault Indicator. (Optional)

The MatSense Pro Ensures a Correct Nuheat Installation... every time!

The Nuheat MatSense Pro lets you see and hear if the Nuheat mat has been damaged during installation. Electrical Fault Indicator ensures a correct Nuheat installation. Hear and see if the mat has been damaged during installation

The MatSense Pro monitors the hot, neutral and ground wires. When the sensor finds an open circuit in the mat, the MatSense Pro sets off a distinct alarm. The MatSense Pro also detects short circuits in the mats and alerts the installer to the problem. Simply connect the conductor wires and ground to the MatSense Pro and turn it on.

Using the MatSense Pro does not replace the need to test the continuity of the Nuheat Mats prior, during and after the installation.

Secure Online Ordering
Delivery time for the following products: Direct ships from Nuheat in 1-2 working days or less if you select Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air.  If you select Ground or 3rd Day they will ship from Mor Electric Heating in 6-8 working days or lessThe transit time to you depends on your selected UPS/FedEx shipping method, the cost of which will be displayed in your shopping cart.

Control Options and Accessories:

Item ID Catalog # Description Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
NUHEAT10202 Solo Solo Dual Programmable Floor-sensing Thermostat (110V or 220V) Select
NUHEAT10186 HMY110 Harmony 120V Thermostat Select
NUHEAT10185 HMY220 Harmony 240V Thermostat Select
NUHEAT10212 Tempo Tempo Thermostat - Dual voltage compatibility (120V or 240V) Select
NUHEAT10139 NTG5110L Laminate/Engineered Wood Floor Thermostat (110V) Select
NUHEAT10147 MatSense Pro Electrical Fault Indicator ensures a correct Nuheat installation. Hear and see if the mat has been damaged during installation. Select
NUHEAT10008 GFI-110WB Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) (110V) (Not needed with NTG5110 or NTG5110L) Select
NUHEAT10143 RLY20A120 Relay 120V Input & Load Relay, 20 Amps (Not needed with NTG5110 or NTG5110L) Select
NUHEAT10149 FG-Sen/Probe Floor Sensing Probe. Replacement or Back-up Sensor (Installing a second sensor as a back-up in case the one included with the thermostat fails is recommended.) Select
NUHEAT10171 NHL Extra Optional Spliced on Extra Lead Length. For 110 or 220 Volt - Adder for each extra foot of lead wire Select
NUHEAT10229 RLY20A240 Relay 240V Input & Load Relay Select


    Inches Ohms Amps Watts
NUHEAT10043 F1006 40 x 27 134 0.8 90 Select
NUHEAT10035 F1008 40 x 32 114 1.0 106 Select
NUHEAT10084 F1010 40 x 40 91 1.2 133 Select
NUHEAT10040 F1012 40 x 48 76 1.5 160 Select
NUHEAT10183 F1206 48 x 24 126 0.9 96 Select
NUHEAT10034 F1208 48 x 30 101 1.1 120 Select
NUHEAT10052 F1209 48 x 36 85 1.3 143 Select
NUHEAT10184 F1212 48 x 48 63 1.7 192 Select
NUHEAT10062 F1506 60 x 24 101 1.1 120 Select
NUHEAT10019 F1508 60 x 30 81 1.4 150 Select
NUHEAT10059 F1509 60 x 36 67 1.6 180 Select
NUHEAT10003 F1510 60 x 42 61 1.8 200 Select
NUHEAT10020 F1512 60 x 48 50 2.2 240 Select
NUHEAT10030 F1515 60 x 60 40 2.7 300 Select
NUHEAT10061 F1806 72 x 24 84 1.3 144 Select
NUHEAT10078 F1808 72 x 30 67 1.6 180 Select
NUHEAT10022 F1809 72 x 36 56 2.0 216 Select
NUHEAT10085 F1810 72 x 42 48 2.3 252 Select
NUHEAT10047 F1812 72 x 48 42 2.6 288 Select
NUHEAT10086 F1815 72 x 60 34 3.3 360 Select
NUHEAT10064 F1818 72 x 72 28 3.9 432 Select
NUHEAT10077 F2106 84 x 24 72 1.5 168 Select
NUHEAT10046 F2108 84 x 30 58 1.9 210 Select
NUHEAT10011 F2109 84 x 36 48 2.3 252 Select
NUHEAT10060 F2110 84 x 42 41 2.7 294 Select
NUHEAT10090 F2112 84 x 48 36 3.1 336 Select
NUHEAT10044 F2115 84 x 60 29 3.8 420 Select
NUHEAT10039 F2118 84 x 72 24 4.6 504 Select
NUHEAT10091 F2121 84 x 84 21 5.3 588 Select
NUHEAT10075 F2506 96 x 24 63 1.7 192 Select
NUHEAT10016 F2508 96 x 30 50 2.2 240 Select
NUHEAT10055 F2509 96 x 36 42 2.6 288 Select
NUHEAT10009 F2510 96 x 42 36 3.1 336 Select
NUHEAT10032 F2512 96 x 48 32 3.5 384 Select
NUHEAT10005 F2515 96 x 60 25 4.4 480 Select
NUHEAT10036 F2518 96 x 72 22 5.1 560 Select
NUHEAT10092 F2521 96 x 84 18 6.1 672 Select
NUHEAT10093 F2525 96 x 96 16 7.0 768 Select
NUHEAT10094 F2706 108 x 24 56 2.0 216 Select
NUHEAT10015 F2708 108 x 30 45 2.5 270 Select
NUHEAT10067 F2709 108 x 36 37 2.9 324 Select
NUHEAT10033 F2710 108 x 42 34 3.3 360 Select
NUHEAT10001 F2712 108 x 48 28 3.9 432 Select
NUHEAT10042 F2715 108 x 60 22 4.9 540 Select
NUHEAT10031 F2718 108 x 72 19 5.9 648 Select
NUHEAT10095 F2721 108 x 84 16 6.9 756 Select
NUHEAT10079 F2725 108 x 96 14 7.9 864 Select
NUHEAT10096 F2727 108 x 108 12 8.8 972 Select
NUHEAT10097 F3006 118 x 24 51 2.1 236 Select
NUHEAT10041 F3008 118 x 30 41 2.7 295 Select
NUHEAT10066 F3009 118 x 36 34 3.2 354 Select
NUHEAT10029 F3010 118 x 42 29 3.8 413 Select
NUHEAT10063 F3012 118 x 48 26 4.3 472 Select
NUHEAT10023 F3015 118 x 60 20 5.4 598 Select
NUHEAT10051 F3018 118 x 72 17 6.4 708 Select
NUHEAT10069 F3021 118 x 84 15 7.5 826 Select
NUHEAT10098 F3025 118 x 96 13 8.6 944 Select
NUHEAT10056 F3027 118 x 108 11 9.7 1067 Select
NUHEAT10025 F3030 118 x 116 11 10.5 1150 Select


NUHEAT10065 G1509 60 x 36 269 0.8 180 Select
NUHEAT10058 G1510 60 x 42 242 0.9 200 Select
NUHEAT10076 G1512 60 x 48 202 1.1 240 Select
NUHEAT10099 G1515 60 x 60 161 1.4 300 Select
NUHEAT10012 G1808 72 x 30 268 0.8 180 Select
NUHEAT10100 G1809 72 x 36 224 1.0 216 Select
NUHEAT10013 G1810 72 x 42 192 1.1 252 Select
NUHEAT10101 G1812 72 x 48 168 1.3 288 Select
NUHEAT10102 G1815 72 x 60 134 1.6 360 Select
NUHEAT10103 G1818 72 x 72 112 2.0 432 Select
NUHEAT10110 G2106 84 x 24 288 0.8 168 Select
NUHEAT10111 G2108 84 x 30 230 1.0 210 Select
NUHEAT10112 G2109 84 x 36 192 1.1 252 Select
NUHEAT10113 G2110 84 x 42 165 1.3 294 Select
NUHEAT10114 G2112 84 x 48 144 1.5 336 Select
NUHEAT10115 G2115 84 x 60 115 1.9 420 Select
NUHEAT10116 G2118 84 x 72 96 2.3 504 Select
NUHEAT10081 G2121 84 x 84 82 2.7 588 Select
NUHEAT10117 G2506 96 x 24 252 0.9 192 Select
NUHEAT10118 G2508 96 x 30 202 1.1 240 Select
NUHEAT10083 G2509 96 x 36 168 1.3 288 Select
NUHEAT10119 G2510 96 x 42 144 1.5 336 Select
NUHEAT10120 G2512 96 x 48 126 1.7 384 Select
NUHEAT10071 G2515 96 x 60 101 2.2 480 Select
NUHEAT10121 G2518 96 x 72 86 2.5 560 Select
NUHEAT10082 G2521 96 x 84 72 3.1 672 Select
NUHEAT10080 G2525 96 x 96 63 3.5 768 Select
NUHEAT10122 G2706 108 x 24 224 1.0 216 Select
NUHEAT10123 G2708 108 x 30 179 1.2 270 Select
NUHEAT10073 G2709 108 x 36 149 1.5 324 Select
NUHEAT10124 G2710 108 x 42 134 1.6 360 Select
NUHEAT10125 G2712 108 x 48 112 2.0 432 Select
NUHEAT10126 G2715 108 x 60 90 2.5 540 Select
NUHEAT10127 G2718 108 x 72 75 2.9 648 Select
NUHEAT10128 G2721 108 x 84 64 3.4 756 Select
NUHEAT10129 G2725 108 x 96 56 3.9 864 Select
NUHEAT10130 G2727 108 x 108 50 4.4 972 Select
NUHEAT10131 G3006 118 x 24 205 1.1 236 Select
NUHEAT10132 G3008 118 x 30 164 1.3 295 Select
NUHEAT10072 G3009 118 x 36 137 1.6 354 Select
NUHEAT10133 G3010 118 x 42 117 1.9 413 Select
NUHEAT10134 G3012 118 x 48 103 2.1 472 Select
NUHEAT10017 G3015 118 x 60 81 2.7 598 Select
NUHEAT10135 G3018 118 x 72 68 3.2 708 Select
NUHEAT10136 G3021 118 x 84 59 3.8 826 Select
NUHEAT10014 G3025 118 x 96 51 4.3 944 Select
NUHEAT10137 G3027 118 x 108 46 4.8 1056 Select
NUHEAT10138 G3030 118 x 116 42 5.2 1150 Select

Custom Mats

How to Order Custom Mats

1. Provide us with an accurately measured floor plan of the room where you would like warm tiles.  To download the NUHEAT grid paper, click here. To receive instruction on how to measure and draw your application accurately, click here.

2. We will fax your floor plan to the NUHEAT Inside Sales Team and we will recommend the appropriate heating mat(s) and controls for your project.

3. Once you have confirmed the design, you will receive a final quote for your project

4. The NUHEAT floor warming system (mats & controls) will be shipped to the location of your preference upon purchase.

5. We may recommend a Certified Installer who can install the NUHEAT tile floor heating system.

6. Throughout the purchase and installation, feel free to call us or the Nuheat Customer Service line at 1-800-778-9276 with any questions you or your installer have.

NuHeat is a registered trademark of NUHEAT Industries Ltd.

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