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Installation Instructions for the NUHEAT Floor Warming System

We are an authorized distributor for
NUHEAT Industries Ltd.  Tile floor-warming system

Installing NUHEAT is easy.  The heating mats are installed directly between the tile/stone and subfloor and require the same bonding materials that are being used to lay your tile or stone floor no extra supplies are needed!  NUHEAT mats, whether standard or custom sized and shaped come ready to fit the room.  Your installer does not need to string out, cut or splice any heating wires.  He/she simply bonds the heating mat to the subfloor with thinset (tile adhesive) before adhering the tile to the floor.

Flooring Tips

The following are some helpful tips for your installer when preparing and executing a NUHEAT installation.  Note that this is not an installation guide, for a complete installation guide click here.

Preparing for Installation

Receiving Accurate Mat Sizing Always base your selection of heating mat sizes on the actual room dimensions measured at the job site.  Architectural drawings do not reflect changes that take place at the project location.  For custom sizing and mat shapes, give your accurately measured floor plan to us to send in to NUHEAT.  

Instruction on how to measure and draw an accurate floor plan:

Designing is easy

NUHEAT will provide a electric floor warming system designed to the exact specifications of your floor drawing(s). It doesn't matter whether your application is a simple rectangle or a highly complex curved and angled design, NUHEAT can provide complete warm floor coverage without cold spots!


To ensure that you or your contractor provides accurate and complete drawings, download the following files by clicking on these links:


Floor Measurement Guide

NUHEAT Measuring Grid Paper. 

(Note - A PDF will require approximately 2-5 minutes to download)

Using the Right Tools A successful NUHEAT installation requires the following tools:

  • Acrylic or latex modified thinset
  • Duct tape
  • inch square notched trowel
  • Small plastic bristled brush
  • Margin Trowel
  • Grouting float
  • Digital multimeter
  • Sponge
  • Bucket of water

Testing the mats Each NUHEAT mat must be tested using a multi-meter before, during and after the installation to ensure no damage.  The warranty is subject to these tests being completed and recorded.  Review the installation guide for details on how to test the radiant electric heating mats.  Click here to download the complete installation guide. 

Checking in with NUHEAT Ensure that you understand all the installation details of the tile heating system before beginning your project call 1-800-778-9276 to go over the details with a NUHEAT technical expert.  The warranty is subject to all first-time installers calling NUHEAT prior to installation.

Confirming that your Mats fit the Room Before installing your NUHEAT mats, lay them out in the room first to ensure that they cover your floor properly.

Installing NUHEAT Successfully

Installing NUHEAT is easy here are a few quick tips:

Working with Thinset Consistency Make your thinset consistency thinner than normal for the layer between your mat and subfloor to allow for easy bonding.

Cleaning Grout Lines Use a plastic bristled brush or  sponge to clean away any excess thinset that seeps through the space between the tiles while it is wet.  If you wait, the thinset will become hard and difficult to remove.  Cleaning grout lines with sharp objects such as utility knives or margin trowels can result in damage to the NUHEAT mats which is not covered by the warranty.

Back Buttering Tiles To ensure a successful bond between your tile and subfloor, back butter your tiles with thinset before laying them in the thinset layer placed over the NUHEAT mats.

Allowing Thinset to Cure Ensure that the radiant heating system is not turned on until the thinset and grout have cured according to the recommended time on the packaging.  This will ensure that the adhesive bond is not compromised.

Replacing Tile See the complete installation guide for instruction on removing and replacing tile over the NUHEAT system.  Click here for a complete installation guide.  (Note a PDF will require 2-5 minutes to download)

Electrical Basics

NUHEAT specifications:

       Heating mats are 110V, 12 Watts/Square Foot (41 BTU)

       NUHEAT must be on a Class A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)

       A Programmable Floor-Sensing Thermostat is most commonly used - click here for details

       A certified electrician must make the final connection to power.

Installation Guide in .pdf Format

You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

NuHeat is a registered trademark of NUHEAT Industries Ltd.

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