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Markel Products Co.

We are an authorized distributor for Markel Products Co., a division of TPI Corp., a manufacturer of Baseboard, Wall and Ceiling Heaters and ventilation equipment and lighting equipment.

Hotpod electric In-line duct heater installs in existing ductwork, and allows the homeowner to control the temperature of any individual room, each with a wall thermostat.  Zoning of rooms is achieved with a powerful 120 CFM at an incredibly quiet 46 decibels. 720 Watts. 120 Volts.  Installed where current or new ductwork is located (between floor joists in basement, attic rafters, etc.) GCH4000 Fan Forced Garage/Shop Heater. Fostoria Markel/Tpi Corp. Operates on 240v or 208v. Wall/Ceiling Mount Included - 4000/3000 Watts at 240/208 V - 43F temperature rise - Built in bi-metal double pole thermostat - 50F to 90F range - Steel tubular heating element
TSH Series Fan Forced Kickspace Specialty Heater. Fits into soffits, stair risers or under utility cabinets, Finned steel sheath heating element and manual reset thermal cut-out, Recessed opening: L = 22 3/8” W = 3 5/8” D = 11 1/2” 3900 Hydronic Baseboard Heaters. Permanent mount, liquid filled elements, Residential models in “White” powder coat finish, Commercial models available in “Bankers Bronze”, Extruded 12 gauge aluminum housing
ICH240C Fan Forced Utility Heater. CONSTRUCTION SITE / UTILITY HEATER, Operates on 240v or 208v, Steel tubular heating element, 43°F air heat rise, Internal overheat thermostat, Temperature control thermostat, 6' long cordset 178TMC Ceramic Fan Forced Heater. 850w & 1500w heat settings plus fan only setting. Automatic reset type limit control. Thermal cut-off device. 6' long - 3 conductor cord. Temperature control thermostat. Width: 11 1/4'. Height: 10". Depth: 7"
HF Fan Forced Portable Unit Heater. Operates on 240v or 208v, Finned steel tubular heating element, Internal manual reset thermal cut-out, 6' long cord with molded plug, Temperature control thermostat with 35°F to 85°F range, 10’ air throw - 262 CFM. Swivel base can be used as a wall, floor or ceiling mount HLA Hazardous Location Unit Heaters.  Suspended Fan-Forced Unit Heaters.  3 to 25KW at 208 to 600 volt. They're designed for rugged industrial applications in hazardous locations where the possibility of explosion or fire exists due to flammable gases, vapors, powdered metals or dusts.
FEP Hazardous Location Cabinet Unit Heaters. NEMA 4 Hose-Down Hazardous Location Convection Heaters are for use in: "Class I, Division I & II, Groups B, C & D." (T2A-UL, CSA, T3A-CSA).  Voltages range from 120V to 600V. TaskMaster 5100 Heavy Duty Unit Heater.  Suspended Fan-Forced Unit Heaters ranging in size from 3 to 25KW at 208 to 600 volt.

170TS Under the Desk Heater. TPI Corp./Markel/Fostoria Confined space radiant heat panel. 170 Watts, 120 Volts, 1 Phase, 580 BTU's, 6 foot long plug and cordset, 22-3/4 inch x 8 inch x 1-3/4 inch

PCH48C Portable Quartz Infrared Heater. TPI Corp./Markel/Fostoria Spot Heater. 1500 Watts, 120 Volts, 1 Phase, 5120 BTU's, 15 foot plug and cordset, height adjust from 2 to 6 feet

RPH Pump House Convection Heater Powder coated epoxy steel case. Provides excellent protection against freezing for pump houses, utility rooms, relay stations, construction sheds, and many other industrial spaces. aluminum finned heating element. High and Low heat control. 6300 Series Multiple Angle Cabinet Unit Heater
CFH CFH Series Variable Speed Air Curtains TAT Thermal Area Treatment Heaters
PD Series Packaged Duct Heater 7200 Series Plenum Heater
CVX Series Radiant Cove Electric Ceiling Heater FH Series In-Floor Fan Forced Floor Drop In Electric Heaters Mount Between Floor Joists
2900S Series Electric Baseboard Stainless Steel Element Convection Heater 3700 Series Architectural Style Electric Baseboard Heater
2900C Series Electric Baseboard Heavy Duty Commercial Convection Heater 2900HA Series Electric Baseboard High Altitude Convection Heater
MFH Hotpod Supplemental Duct Mounted Heating System UH Series Horizontal Fan Forced Unit Heater
5600 Series Multiple Wattage Fan Forced Unit Heater 5500 Series Washdown Fan Forced Unit Heater
Taskmaster 5100 Series 60 KW-100 KW Suspended Fan Forced Unit Heater 2600 Series Downflow Unit Heater
4800 Series Register Style Fan Forced Wall Heater With Wall Box 4400 Series Low Profile Commercial Fan Forced Wall Heater With Wall Box
4300 Series Low Profile Fan Forced Wall Heater - No Wall Box 4300 Series Low Profile Fan Forced Wall Heater With Wall Box
3450 Series Heavy-Duty Fan Forced Wall Heaters 3420 Series Heavy-Duty Fan Forced Wall Heaters
3320 Series Commercial Fan Forced Wall Heater 3310 Series Fan Forced Wall Heater Without Summer Fan Switch
3310 Series Fan Forced Wall Heater With Summer Fan Switch 3200 Series Midsized Fan Forced Wall Heater Without Wall Box
3200 Series Midsized Fan Forced Wall Heater With Wall Box 3000 Series Midsized Commercial Fan Forced Wall Heater Multiple Wattage
3480 Series Commercial Fan Forced Recessed Mounted Ceiling Heater 3000 Series Fan Forced Ceiling Heater
3470 Series Commercial Fan Forced Surface Mounted Ceiling Heater 3380 Series Commercial Fan Forced Ceiling Heater
CP Series Radiant Ceiling Panel Heaters RCP Series Radiant Ceiling Panel Heaters
188 Series 120 Volt Milk-house Style Fan Forced Portable Heater 474 Series 240 Volt Dual Heat Fan Forced Portable Heater
TPI Corp. Markel 198TMC Electric Portable Heater. 600W radiant, 900W fan forced, 1500W fan forced, 6' cord 3 conductor PHLA Series Portable Hazardous Location Fan Forced Unit Heater
483 Series 120 Volt Portable Baseboard Convection Heater FEP Series Three Phase Hazardous Location Wall Convector
FEP Series Single Phase Hazardous Location Wall Convector 8800 Series Institutional Wall Convector
8500 Series Commercial Slope Top Wall Convector 4100 Series Recessed Commercial Wall Convector
RDBT Series Draft Barrier Heaters DBTS Series Draft Barrier Heaters
DBT Series Draft Barrier Heaters DBCF Series Draft Barrier Heaters
DBF Series Draft Barrier Heaters DBCT Series Draft Barrier Heaters
CB Series Draft Barrier Heaters ASHDB Series Draft Barrier Heaters
9100 Series Radius Front Draft Barrier Heater TW Series Thermostats
TW Washdown Series Thermostats TG Series Thermostat Guards
TL8230A1003 Thermostat L08Y-01 Series Thermostats
T4398A1021 Thermostat L06Y-01 Series Thermostats
ET Series Line Voltage Thermostats & Controls HLT Series Hazardous Location Thermostats
EPET Series Hazardous Location Thermostats KTO Series Thermostats
KTD Series Thermostats KT Series Thermostats
CKTD Series Thermostats 2000 Series Line Voltage Thermostats
RF Wireless Interface Series UT Series Low Voltage Thermostats
TW123 TH5220D 2 Stage Low Voltage Thermostat 24A Low Voltage Relays
TH115-A-024T Low Voltage Programmable Thermostats RK Series Low Voltage Thermostats
A6176 Round Low Voltage Thermostat    


We are a Distributor of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Heaters and Controls. Always consult manufacturers installation instructions for proper installation of the products or systems shown on this website. © Copyright 1999-2015 Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc.

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