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Immersion Heaters

Tank Heating Questionnaire

Mor Screw Plug Immersion Heaters. Copper Sheath, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Titanium, Incoloy or Teflon for a wide range of applications. Broad selection of screw plug sizes, wattage, materials and junction box types. Mor Small Quartz Laboratory Immersion Heaters Small tanks and laboratory applications for experimentation, Over-the-side or L-shaped. These pencil type heaters are easily utilized in a tube or beaker. Operates at 1700ºF in air. Comes standard in 120 volts with six-foot flexible cord and plug. For heating all acids except hydrofluoric.
Chromalox Direct contact heat source heats liquids, viscous fluids, forced air and gases Chromalox MT-1 Screw-Plug Immersion Heaters for clean water applications.  1-1/4" NPT Brass Screw Plug. Copper Sheath Elements. High Watt Density (53 - 86 W/In 2 ) 0.6 - 2 kW. 120 and 240 Volt
Lufran Screw-in 2" NPT Metal heaters Lufran Triple Tube Metal over the side heaters
Lufran Screw-in 2 1/2" NPT Teflon* heaters Lufran Single Tube Metal over the side heaters
Lufran TF Series over the side spiral Teflon* immersion heaters

Lufran QZM Series Quartz over the side heaters
Lufran 3QZM Series triple tube quartz over the side heaters Lufran TFF Series over the side Teflon* immersion heaters
Lufran TFFL Series Teflon* immersion heaters    
 *Reg. U.S. Patent Office for DuPont's fluorocarbon resins.

Chromalox® is a registered trademark.

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