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EASYHEAT In-Line Inside the Pipe Heater

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We are an authorized distributor for Easy Heat, Inc.

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NuHeat Plug-in Kits. Self-regulating heating cables for residential and commercial pipe freeze protection applications.
EasyHeat AHB Constant Wattage Pre-Terminated Length Cable prevents pipes from freezing to -40 on 120 Volts AC suitable for use on plastic and metal water pipes
Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable. Prevents frozen water pipes to 50F. Simply wrap on, insulate and plug in. For use on metal and rigid plastic pipes. A built-in thermostat turns the cable on at 38F.
NuHeat Plug-in 13mm Pipe Heating Kits. Pre-Terminated Self-Regulating Cable for pipes.


The EASY HEAT IN-LINE HEATER provides economical, effective in-pipe freeze protection for water supply lines. The cable consists of dual conductor resistance wire with P.V.C. insulation, continuous ground braid, and clear food grade outer P.V.C. jacket. A 12 Amp energy saving thermostat c/w Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (G.F.C.I.) receptacle is also included.


SL-2G GFCI Thermostat (Included)

SL-2G Thermostat Control Designed for use within a 12 amp limit, the SL-2G is equipped with a 6ft (1.8m) capillary bulb sensor to detect and control temperature changes. Adjustable temperature settings range from 34-95F (1-35C), controlling a GFCI duplex receptacle with 1440 watts/12 amps total capacity. Comes with 4 ft (1.2m) three-wire cord and plug.

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Item ID

Catalog #

Watts Length (Ft.) Amps Resistance Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
EASY10198 ILH4010 50 10 0.4 288 Select
EASY10156 ILH4020 100 20 0.8 144 Select
EASY10234 ILH4030 150 30 1.3 96 Select
EASY10183 ILH4040 200 40 1.7 72 Select
EASY10182 ILH4050 250 50 2.1 58 Select
EASY10157 ILH4060 300 60 2.5 48 Select
EASY10253 ILH4070 350 70 2.9 41 Select
EASY10244 ILH4090 450 90 3.8 32 Select
EASY10160 ILH4100 500 100 4.2 29 Select
EASY10195 ILH4120 600 120 5.0 24 Select
EASY10162 ILH4140 700 140 5.8 21 Select
EASY10232 ILH4160 800 160 6.7 18 Select
EASY10434 ILH4180 900 180 7.5 16 Select
EASY10235 ILH4200 1000 200 8.3 14 Select
EASY10435 ILH4225 1125 225 9.4 13 Select
EASY10436 ILH4250 1250 250 10.4 12 Select
EASY10194 ILH4270 1350 270 11.3 11 Select
EASY10161 10561-001

1-1/4" to 1" adaptor - Philmac fitting (2 required)

EASY10201 SL-2G

120V T-Stat (Included with ILH's above, just a replacement available here)


EasyHeat is a registered trademark of EasyHeat, Inc.

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