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HeatTrak Portable Residential, Commercial and Industrial Snow Melting Traction Mat

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We are an authorized distributor for HeatTrak, LLC. a manufacturer of snow melting mats.

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The HeatTrak® Traction Mat is designed to act as an entrance mat. The HeatTrak® Traction Mat is built with non-slip, UV protected rubber, and is designed to be left out for the entire winter season.


The HeatTrak Mat™ either plugs directly into any standard 120V or 240V outlet using a GFCI, or they can be hardwired into an electrical junction box.  The HeatTrak™ products melt up to 2” of falling snow per hour and cost as little as 60 cents a day to operate (depending on the cost per kilowatt hour).

To ensure the product’s reliability, The HeatTrak Mat™ is built and tested according to the UL499 and CSA E335-1 electrical standard before leaving the HeatTrak facility.

The HeatTrak Mat™ is an alternative to more traditional forms of snow and ice removal, such as shoveling, snow blowing, harsh chemicals, and embedded systems.  Unlike the alternatives, however, The HeatTrak Mat™ does not require the effort of shoveling or snow blowing, preserve surfaces from harsh chemicals, and continuously melts snow and ice keeping surfaces constantly clear and safe.  In addition, The HeatTrak Mat™ is less expensive to install than embedded snow melting systems and their portability allows them to be used in places where embedded elements cannot be used.  The HeatTrak™ products are extremely durable and are designed to be left outside for the entire winter season.
Durable and Reliable

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and performance of your snow mat. To prove it, we will stand behind your purchase with a 24-month replacement warranty. For complete warranty details, contact us.

CSA Certified

The HeatTrak Mat™ is designed with grommet holes on each side to make securing the mat both simple and effective (see instruction manual for recommended methods of securing the mat).

The HeatTrak Mat™ is designed to lay over any flat surface requiring snow and ice removal.  In addition to melting snow and ice, the mat’s non-slip rubber surface acts as a traction mat, further preventing potential slip-and-fall accidents.

The HeatTrak Mat™ is an efficient and convenient way to eliminate snow and ice accumulation around the home or workplace.  The HeatTrak Mat™ is a portable electric heating mat that lays over walkways, driveways, loading docks, handicap ramps, and many other surfaces, to provide a clean and safe passageway for foot, wheelchair, or automobile access.

Product Specs



1/4 inch thick

Chevron height

1/8 inch

Minimum bend radius

3 in.


Reinforced UV stabilized natural rubber

Heating Element


120/240 Vac

Power density

35 Watts/ Sq. Ft.

In-line Safety Device/Power Cord

Service voltage

120Vac or 240Vac

Circuit breaker rating

15 Amp

GFCI trip level

6 mA

Cold lead length (nominal)

6 feet.

Cold lead gauge

14/3 SJTW


Minimum installation temperature



HeatTrak® snow-mats are designed to remove hazardous snow from many dangerous areas that exist around our homes and our work places. Use our mats to provide a safe and clear way on sidewalks, driveways, loading docks, wheelchair ramps, building entrances, or any place where snow removal is necessary.  HeatTrak® Construction - The HeatTrak® snow-mat is made of an electrically operated heating element sandwiched between two protective surfaces of non-slip rubber, making it as durable as automobile tires and allowing it to endure harsh wear. Heavy-duty and durable, these heated mats are built to stand up to the harshest winter weather and leave a clear path for pedestrians and vehicles. The HEATTRAK Portable Snow Melting Mat can be moved easily from one problem area to another and can be unrolled in the fall and picked up in the spring. It is designed to roll out over most surfaces including wood, metal, concrete, or asphalt.

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In-line safety device/power cord
All mats (both 120 Volt and 240 Volt) have a built-in GFCI in the cord, and 120V can be plugged into any wall outlet (GFCI or non-GFCI)

Also available are optional automatic ETI Snow and Ice Melting Controls and Sensors requiring professional installation.

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Non-Slip Waterproof Rubber Surface

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to run a HeatTrak mat?
    The cost to operate the HeatTrak mat depends on the size of the mat. On average, each mat costs approximately $0.15 an hour to operate. Assuming the mat is on for 4-6 hours per snow day, the approximate cost per snow day to operate is between $0.60 and $0.90.

2. Do I roll the mats up after every use or can they be left outside for a long period of time?
    The mats are very durable and are designed to be left outside for the entire winter season. The winter elements will not harm the mat in any way.

3. Do I leave the mats on all the time?
    The mats only need to be left on during the snowfall and/or for a period of time after the snowfall. Best is to have an electrician wire the outlet to a switch inside the facility. This way the mats can be turned on and off from inside. It is preferable not to remove the mats from the outlet during the winter.

4. Will the mats wear out if I leave them on for the entire winter?

5. Can the mats be automatically controlled?
    Yes. There are automatic controllers that can turn your mat on and off.

6. How many mats can plug into a single outlet?
    The number of mats that can plug into a single outlet depends on the mats’ total amperage and the circuit breaker rating. Most household circuits can handle 15 amps. For a listing of the amperage for each mat size, refer to the table below.

7. Will the mats work if plugged into a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet?

8. How hot does the mat get?
    The mats will maintain an average temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t be concerned about your pets burning their feet. At the same time, don’t be shocked to see your pets lying on the mats for warmth.

9. Do I turn on the mat before it snows or after it snows?
    The best way to use the HeatTrak mats is to turn them on before the snow begins to fall. This way, no snow will accumulate on the mats, since the snow flakes will evaporate as soon as they fall. However, you can turn on the mats after the snow has already fallen. In this case, give the mats a few hours to melt through the snow.

10. How long does it take to melt the snow?
    The mats will melt snow at an average rate of 2” per hour.

11. What happens to the water when the snow melts?
    The best way to use the HeatTrak mats is to turn the mat on before the snow begins to fall. This way, there will not be any water accumulation when the snow melts, because the snow flakes will evaporate as soon as they land on the mat. However, you can turn on the mats after the snow has already fallen on them. In this case, give the mat a few hours to melt through the snow. When the snow melts, there will be a slight water run-off, but the run-off will go under the snow that lines the mat. Also, there will be small puddles on the mat until the water completely evaporates. But have no fear, these small puddles will be beneath the non-slip treading, so there shouldn’t be any slip hazard. Eventually, all the water will evaporate.

12. Can the mat be secured to the ground?
    The HeatTrak mats and stair treads are designed and built with grommet holes to make securing the mats both simple and effective. To secure the mats, we recommend using screws that are appropriate for the specific surface (i.e. wood screws, concrete screws, etc.)

13. Can I drive on the mats?
    No. For foot traffic only.

14. How long is the electrical cord? Can I use an extension cord?
    The mat comes with a 6’ long cord. You can use an extension cord as long as you properly cover the connection point of the two cords so that water does not touch the electrical pins.

15. Where is the power cord located on the mat?
    The default location of the power cord is on the lower right corner of the mat, which is also the upper left corner if you rotate the mat. See below. The power cord can be reversed to the other side if requested in the order.

16. What type of outlet should I use for the mats?
    The plug on the mat looks like the diagrams below. Make sure the outlet you are plugging the mat into has a similar looking receptacle.

17. Can HeatTrak make me a custom-sized mat? Yes, as long as the mat is not wider than 36” and longer than 25’. There are a few other limitations, please call us or the HeatTrak office for further

18. How many years will the mats last?
    The mats should last 3-5 years if maintained properly. For proper maintenance instructions, see the installation manual that comes with the product

19. How long is the warranty?
    All HeatTrak products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Installation Instructions

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Secure Online Ordering
Delivery time: typically direct ships from HeatTrak in 1-2 working days or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method.  Your shipping cost will be displayed in your shopping cart.

Item ID Catalog # Size Wattage Amps Ship Wt.

Click "Select" Below

120 Volt 2 foot wide mats:

24" x 5'

300 Watts 2.5 Amps 20 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10085 HTM24-10

24" x 10'

633 Watts 5.3 Amps 39 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10004 HTM24-15 24" x 15' 967 Watts 8.1 Amps 59 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10006 HTM24-20 24" x 20' 1,300 Watts 10.8 Amps 78 Lbs. Select
120 Volt 3 foot wide mats:
HEATTRAK10086 HTM36-5 36" x 5' 480 Watts 4.0 Amps 33 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10087 HTM36-10 36" x 10' 1,013 Watts 8.4 Amps 66 Lbs. Select
120 Volt 4 foot wide mats:
HEATTRAK10094 HTM48-6 48" x 6' 807 Watts 6.7 Amps 60 Lbs. Select
240 Volt 2 foot wide mats:
HEATTRAK10090 HTM24-5B 24" x 5' 300 Watts 1.3 Amps 20 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10091 HTM24-10B 24" x 10' 633 Watts 2.6 Amps 39 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10092 HTM24-15B 24" x 15' 967 Watts 4.0 Amps 59 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10093 HTM24-20B 24" x 20' 1,300 Watts 5.4 Amps 78 Lbs. Select
240 Volt 3 foot wide mats:
HEATTRAK10088 HTM36-5B 36" x 5' 480 Watts 2.0 Amps 33 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10089 HTM36-10B 36" x 10' 1,013 Watts 4.2 Amps 66 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10019 HTM36-15B 36" x 15' 1,547 Watts 6.4 Amps 99 Lbs. Select
HEATTRAK10096 HTM36-20B 36" x 20' 2,080 Watts 8.7 Amps 132 Lbs. Select
240 Volt 4 foot wide mats:
HEATTRAK10095 HTM48-6B 48" x 6' 807 Watts 3.4 Amps 60 Lbs. Select
A variety of non-stock sizes not listed above are available from HeatTrak with a longer delivery time.

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