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Wrap-On GRO-QUICK Heavy-Duty Soil Warming Cables

We are an authorized stocking distributor for Wrap-On Co., Inc.

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Gro Quick Soil Warming Heating Cables

The thermostatically controlled heat of GRO-QUICK electric soil warming cables gently speeds germination and seedling growth to produce large, healthy plants ready for transplanting. Use indoors or out to provide a head start to the regular growing season. Gro-Quick cables come in a full range of easy to install sizes.  GRO-QUICK Heavy-Duty Soil Warming Cables are designed for the commercial grower or advanced hobbyist. The rugged construction and higher output of the Heavy Duty Gro-Quick make it perfect for both commercial and home greenhouses. Designed for use with our optional #18500 adjustable thermostat where larger areas are involved and varying soil temperatures are required.

CSA Certified

Owners/Installation Manual

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Optional 18500 Thermostat Control

The 18500 is equipped with a 6ft (1.8m) capillary bulb sensor to detect and control temperature changes in the soil. Adjustable temperature settings range from 40-100F, controlling a duplex receptacle with 1200 watts/12 amps total capacity. Comes with 4 ft (1.2m) three-wire cord and plug.  Includes built-in GFCI outlet.

CSA Certified

Owners/Installation Manual

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Optional 18700 Thermostat


Owners/Installation Manual

You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

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Item ID Catalog # Description Coverage in Sq. Ft. Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
WRAPON53020 53020 20' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 200 Watts 7 Select
WRAPON53040 53040 40' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 200 Watts 14 Select
WRAPON53060 53060 60' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 300 Watts 21 Select
WRAPON53080 53080 80' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 400 Watts 29 Select
WRAPON53100 53100 100' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 500 Watts 36 Select
WRAPON53120 53120 120' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 600 Watts 43 Select
WRAPON53140 53140 140' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 700 Watts 50 Select
WRAPON53175 53175 175' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 875 Watts 63 Select
WRAPON53200 53200 200' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 1000 Watts 72 Select
WRAPON53250 53250 250' H.D. GRO-QUICK Cable 1250 Watts 90 Select
WRAPON18500 18500 Thermostat - built inGFCI outlet 1200 Watts Select
WRAPON18700 18700 Heavy Duty Adj. Thermostat 1800 Watts UL Listed/CSA Certified Select

*This delivery time is for normal conditions and is subject to Wrap-On factory availability.

Wrap-On is a registered trademark of Wrap-On Co., Inc.

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