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Garage/Workshop Spot and Whole Area Heaters

Electromode/Dimplex DGWH4031 Garage/Workshop Heater.  Powerful fan and 4000 watt stainless steel heater element, versatile mounting bracket,  attaches to wall or ceiling - heater swivels to direct heat, automatic temperature control, helps maintain consistent temperature from 45-77°F (7-25°C), powder-coated epoxy finish, long lasting and corrosion resistant. Qmark Portable Unit Heater (240 Volt for workshops, storage buildings and garages) Perfect for construction job sites, garages, workshops, any unheated area. Two heat settings: 9102 BTUs (2667 Watts) 13,652 BTUs (4000 Watts). Three-way bracket lets you stand unit on floor or other flat surface, or mount to ceiling or to wall. Adjustable thermostat to maintain heating comfort levels. Comes equipped with 6-foot cord.
Qmark Type MUH Unit (Blower) Heaters.  Mounts either horizontally or vertically. For factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shipping rooms, power stations, aircraft hangers. Can be used for primary, supplementary, spot, or dual-system heating. Forced air unit heater with 10 power ratings; from 3KW to 50 KW heating output; 208, 240, 277 and 480V Qmark Type MUH-35 Unit Heater.  5KW or 3.3KW @ 240V (3.7KW or 2.5KW @ 208V.  Fan-Forced, Metal Sheath - Hard-Wired Heater. Mounts either on the wall or from the ceiling can be used for primary or spot heating. For factories, garages, schools, etc.  Multiple wattage heat selector switch. Built-in bi-metal thermostat. Range 40° to 90°F.
FFH Quartz Tube Assemblies. 550 watt, 120 volt comfort spot heating for residential and commercial applications. Hang by its chains and plug into any 120 volt service with 8 foot grounded cord set. Protective guard and gold anodized aluminum reflectors. FFH heaters are excellent for farrowing applications. OCH-SERIES Outdoor Trimline Quartz Tube Comfort Spot Heating Assemblies. Overhead "Spot" or "Zone" heating applications. Nearly instantaneous heat-up and can provide heat for specific areas within a large area. 120V-480V 1500-3000W, two lengths; 46" & 57", Built-in Adjustable Mounting Bracket, allows for a 45-degree tilt of the heater housing, NEMA-4 Electrical Box and Frosted Quartz Tube.
Mitey Midget Quartz Lamp Assemblies. Comfort spot heating.  Indoor industrial and commercial comfort heat applications such as: work stations, aisleways, freezer doors, farm buildings, pump houses and smoking shelters. Quartz lamps or tubes RPH Quartz Lamp Assembly. Restaurant patio and golf driving range heater. Ruby Red Quartz Lamp Included. 1600 Watts (208 or 240 Volts) Single-Phase Wiring. Optional Accessory: Wire Guard (RPHWG)  60° Symmetrical Reflector Pattern (Coilzak Bright Aluminum Reflector)
FFH Quartz Tube Assemblies. 900 watt, 120 volt comfort spot heating for residential and commercial applications. Hang by its chains and plug into any 120 volt service with 8 foot grounded cord set. Protective guard and gold anodized aluminum reflectors. FFH heaters are excellent for farrowing applications. Mul-T-Mount Quartz Lamp Assemblies. Comfort spot heating and snow melting. (208-480 volts) 3 element and 2 element Mul-T-Mount. Total Area Heating, Indoor Spot/Zone Comfort Heating, Outdoor Spot/Zone Comfort Heating or snow & ice control. The units are UL listed for both semi-exposed and completely exposed outdoor areas.
Type PT268 4000W Portable Industrial Grade Heater. Adjustable, Automatic Thermostat . Efficient Fan-Forced Heat . Safety Overload Switch With Caution Light . Heater Automatically Shuts Off If Unit Overheats . Live Power Signal Light . Full One-Year Warranty Type MWUH Unit Heater. 240/208 Volt ceiling mounted.   Applications include primary, supplementary, or auxiliary heat source in factories, stores, garages, warehouses, public buildings, service stations, workshops, etc.  Ceiling mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical flow mounting or any position in between.  Built-in single pole thermostat.
Type IUH Unit Heaters.  Primary, supplementary, or auxiliary heat source in factories, stores, warehouses, public buildings, service stations, workshops, etc. All motors and contactor coils are 240 volt and operate on the secondary of a factory installed step-down power transformer on 480 and 600 volt heaters so a separate fan and motor control power source is not needed.  5 to 30 KW. Type BRH Portable Contractor Heater, 240/208 Volts, 16.7-23.3 Amps.  For construction job sites, commercial workshops and other large unheated areas. Built-in thermostat
Safety high temperature limit. Industrial finger proof, steel intake and discharge grilles
ChromaStar Infra-Red Radiant Heaters.  1.5 to 13.5 kW, 120, 208, 240, 277, 480, and 600 Volts, Fixed Overhead - Convertible to Portable  Model#: STAR-02-11-PC Includes 6 foot cord and 2-prong grounding type plug. Localized heating in large plants, Loading Docks, Narrow warehouse aisle heating, Garages, Dry paint , Prevent freezing of pipes, valves , Heat hoppers Heat Wave (240-600 Volt electric indoor space heater)  Safety yellow heater enclosure with safety screens on both air intake and output openings. Optional 25' long SO type cord, ready for plug attachment is available for each model. Thermostat adjustment 40° to 100° F . Switch for fan only operation 800 CFM - 15 KW units, 1100 CFM - 30 KW units
Chromalox HF Portable Blower Comfort Heater 120/240 Volts. 1.9 - 4 kW, AC and DC Rated Models, Heavy duty HF portable blower heaters are ideal for heating small areas in industrial environments and are available in DC ratings for use in crane cabs. Applications: Construction Sites, Garages, Work Stations, Warehouses, Crane Cabs, Storage Buildings Dragon Portable DRA Electric Comfort Heater. 7.5 to 30 kW (208, 240, 480 or 600 Volts). Rugged industrial grade, self contained, highly mobile, electric blower heater. The bright red polyester powder coated heating cylinder is highly visible and can be rotated to direct heat or fan driven air movement where it is needed.
GCH-4000 Fan Forced Garage/Shop Heater. Fostoria Markel/Tpi Corp. Operates on 240v or 208v. Wall/Ceiling Mount Included - 4000/3000 Watts at 240/208 V - 43F temperature rise - Built in bi-metal double pole thermostat - 50F to 90F range - Steel tubular heating element Fostoria HF Fan Forced Portable Unit Heater. Operates on 240v or 208v, Finned steel tubular heating element, Internal manual reset thermal cut-out, 6' long cord with molded plug, Temperature control thermostat with 35°F to 85°F range, 10’ air throw - 262 CFM. Swivel base can be used as a wall, floor or ceiling mount
Fostoria ICH-240C Fan Forced Utility Heater. CONSTRUCTION SITE / UTILITY HEATER, Operates on 240v or 208v, Steel tubular heating element, 43°F air heat rise, Internal overheat thermostat, Temperature control thermostat, 6' long cordset

PCH48C Portable Quartz Infrared Heater. TPI Corp./Markel/Fostoria Spot Heater. 1500 Watts, 120 Volts, 1 Phase, 5120 BTU's, 15 foot plug and cordset, height adjust from 2 to 6 feet

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