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Floor Warming Systems for Tile, Stone, Laminate, Carpet, Hardwood and Engineered Wood Surfaces

EasyHeat Warm Tiles Cable Kits Floor Warming Marble, ceramic and porcelain tile, slate, granite and poured or dimensional stone.  For new construction or remodeling, radiates gentle warmth through a network of low profile cables placed in the mortar just below the tiles. Warm Tiles fits in any room: bathrooms, kitchens, nurseries, living rooms-wherever you want tile floors.

Danfoss Electric Floor Heating Dual Adhesive LX Mats. Danfoss LX Electric Floor Heating Mats are safe, reliable and energy efficient. It is a unique system that can save up to 70% on installation time and enhance the comfort of your home or office. Floor warming system suitable for tile, wood, stone, and concrete surfaces. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, living areas, and work space

NUHEAT Floor-Warming Mat System for Tile, Stone, Laminate and Engineered Wood Surfaces. Simple warm floor solution to cold ceramic tile and natural stone floors.  120 or 240 Volt Mats.  Thin radiant electric heat mat is only 1/8” thick installed directly between your tile and subfloor.  Over 60 different standard mat sizes that fit the majority of rooms and custom mats can also be made. sam mats WarmTiles SAM Mats Floor Warming System. The Self-Adhesive "SAM" Mat System provides a quick and easy pre-fabricated installation that saves you time and labor costs. The self-adhesive mesh allows you to place the mat on the substrate and have it stay put while you embed the mat in thin-set or self-leveling underlayment.
Calorique Radiant Floor Heaters. Ideal for new construction and areas where access to the floor joists is possible, it is attached between the floor joists with a small, 2" air space between the elements and the floor surface. danfoss lx Danfoss LX Floor Heating Cable 120V - 240V systems combine the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency. - single point connection - twin conductor cable - emits zero electromagnetic fields - safety approved for wet locations - only cable to pass rigorous IEEE impact test - flexible installation - genuine 10 year warranty
thermoweave Calorique ThermoWeave Mat Heaters for Laminate FlooringApproved for installation under floating floor, including laminates such as Pergo®. You can even embed ThermoWeave within concrete and tiling adhesive in dry locations. nuheat cable Nuheat Cable Kits floor heating system for tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood surfaces. Low profile cables are placed in the mortar just below the tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.

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