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Eemax Electric Tankless Instantaneous Water Heaters

Eemax Electric Tankless Instantaneous Water Heaters
We are a distributor for Eemax Inc.

SP Single Point.  To serve one commercial type sink as found in public hand washing areas, modular buildings and offices, strip malls, service stations and concession stands.  For commercial applications. Flow Controlled.  Serving kitchen sinks, bar sinks, utility sinks, dual hand wash sinks and higher flow modular building applications.  For commercial and residential applications.
Three Phase.  Manufacturing processes, high flow boosters. Large circular industrial washdown stations. Balanced loading for high power water heaters.  For commercial applications.

Series Two Residential showers, whole bathrooms smaller houses, condos, summer cabins and apartments. Industrial boosters, higher flow rate applications such as wash down stations. Higher flow rate accurate temperature control for photo labs.  For commercial and residential applications.

Thermostatic.  To serve as a booster, eliminating long pipe runs, boosters for dishwashers and sanitation. Applications where precise temperature control is essential such as schools, hospitals and laboratories. Meets ANSI Z358.1 tepid water requirements for emergency eyewash. Anti-scale protection.  For commercial and residential applications. Series Three Whole house unit for multiple showers. Turns on in stages, based upon water flow rate.  For residential applications.
Digital Readout.  Photo processing, laboratories, schools, boosters, accurate and easily changed output temperature, external control. For commercial applications.

De-Ionized. Microchip manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, Ultrasonic cleaning, general ultra pure water applications. For commercial applications.

Eemax is a registered trademark of Eemax Inc.

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