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Dimplex Electromode Linear Convector LC Electric Baseboard Heaters. New revolutionary design is up to 42% shorter

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Dimplex - Better solutions through innovation
We are an authorized distributor for
Dimplex North America Ltd.

Links to other types of Baseboard Heaters:
Residential/Commercial Dimplex Electromode (LPC Series) Linear Convector Electronic Thermostat Baseboard Heaters. An all new revolutionary design with a reduced length that is up to 42% shorter than other baseboard heaters. Residential or commercial. Includes On-board Electronic Thermostat with wireless single, or multiple heater temperature control.
Hydronic Markel Baseboard Heaters (3900 Series) Liquid filled elements, Residential models in “White” powder coat finish, Commercial models available in “Bankers Bronze”, Extruded 12 gauge aluminum housing.
Residential Qmark Standard Baseboard Heaters (2500 Series) For single family homes, apartments, modular or mobile homes as primary, secondary or supplemental heat. 21 different accessories available.
Commercial Qmark Baseboard Heaters (QMKC Series) Commercial Baseboard. 18 Gauge Front Cover. For high-traffic areas such as restaurants, offices, schools, institutions, etc.
Commercial Qmark Heavy Duty Baseboard Heaters (CBD Series) Heavy Duty Commercial Baseboard Heaters. This heavy-duty baseboard is designed specifically for commercial use. The front cover is made of 16 gauge cold rolled steel.

Hydronic Qmark Baseboard Heaters (HBB Series) Low unit surface temperatures. Heating element is submerged in heat transfer fluid in a copper tube so heat is transferred evenly and quietly.

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Heat that fits. Smaller. Faster. Smarter. (Up to 42% shorter than conventional baseboard heaters)

Revolutionary design provides a sleek, compact heater profile, while improving heater performance, reducing energy consumption, and improving comfort.


LC Product Superior shark-fin blade design on a steel tubular element for improved heat transfer and longer life. Large, triangular fin disperses heated air more effectively into the center of the room



Selecting Heaters:

Use the calculator below for selecting the quantity and wattage of baseboard heaters you will need in a given area, when using the heaters as a primary heat source (no other heaters present.) Supplementing existing heaters such as a forced air furnace system requires less wattage. A general rule of thumb for primary heating is to use 10 Watts / Square Foot of heat. Example: a 10'x10' room is 100 square feet: (100 x 10 W/Ft2 = 1000 Watts.)


Keep in mind that this is for an insulated building or room insulated to "electric heating" standards and is an estimation based on average conditions.

Optional Integral Thermostats:

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Owners Manual
Dimplex website

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Secure Online Ordering
*Delivery time for the following products:  Typically in stock.  Shipped in 1 working day or less.  The transit time to you depends on your physical location and your selected UPS/FedEx shipping method, the cost of which will be displayed in your shopping cart.

Optional Thermostats and Accessories

Product Code Catalog Number Color Length Watts Volts Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
DIMPLEX781052063877 LC2005W11 White 20" 500 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052063844 LC2005W21 White 20" 500 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052063891 LC2005W31 White 20" 500/375 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052063952 LC2507W11 White 25" 750 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052063969 LC2507W21 White 25" 750 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052063976 LC2507W31 White 25" 750/563 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064058 LC3010W11 White 30" 1000 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052064065 LC3010W21 White 30" 1000 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064072 LC3010W31 White 30" 1000/750 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064133 LC3512W11 White 35" 1250 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052064157 LC3512W21 White 35" 1250 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064164 LC3512W31 White 35" 1250/938 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064225 LC4015W11 White 40" 1500 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052064232 LC4015W21 White 40" 1500 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064249 LC4015W31 White 40" 1500/1125 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064331 LC5020W21 White 50" 2000 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064348 LC5020W31 White 50" 2000/1500 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064416 LC6025W21 White 60" 2500 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064423 LC6025W31 White 60" 2500/1875 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052063822 LC200511 Almond 20" 500 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052063839 LC200521 Almond 20" 500 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052063846 LC200531 Almond 20" 500/375 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052063914 LC250711 Almond 25" 750 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052063921 LC250721 Almond 25" 750 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052063938 LC250731 Almond 25" 750/563 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064003 LC301011 Almond 30" 1000 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052064027 LC301021 Almond 30" 1000 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064034 LC301031 Almond 30" 1000/750 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064096 LC351211 Almond 35" 1250 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052064102 LC351221 Almond 35" 1250 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064119 LC351231 Almond 35" 1250/938 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064188 LC401511 Almond 40" 1500 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052064195 LC401521 Almond 40" 1500 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064201 LC401531 Almond 40" 1500/1125 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064287 LC502021 Almond 50" 2000 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064294 LC502031 Almond 50" 2000/1500 240/208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064379 LC602521 Almond 60" 2500 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052064386 LC602531 Almond 60" 2500/1875 240/208 Select
Product Code Catalog Number Description Amps Volts  
DIMPLEX781052006348  BLLVC11 Low voltage relay and transformer kit 22 120 Select
DIMPLEX781052006355  BLLVC21 Low voltage relay and transformer kit 22 208 Select
DIMPLEX781052006362  BLLVC31 Low voltage relay and transformer kit 22 240 Select
DIMPLEX781052006379  BLLVD Low voltage relay less transformer kit 22/17 120-240/347 Select
DIMPLEX781052032323 DTK-DP Double pole build-in thermostat kit 17/11 120-240/347 Select
DIMPLEX781052032323  DTKT-SP Single pole built-in tamperproof thermostat kit 17/11 120-240/347 Select
DIMPLEX781052032521  DTKT-DP Double pole build-in tamperproof thermostat kit 25/11 120-240/347 Select
DIMPLEX781052032330 DTK-SP Single pole built-in thermostat kit 17/14 120-240/347 Select


*Delivery time for the following products:  Typically in stock.  Shipped in 1 working day or less.  The transit time to you depends on your physical location and your selected UPS/FedEx shipping method, the cost of which will be displayed in your shopping cart.

Item ID Catalog # Description Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
Line Voltage Thermostats
AUBE10005 TH104 SPST Digital Line Voltage Thermostat, 120/240V


AUBE10003 TH106 Aube Tech. 120/240V, S.P.S.T., Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat Select
AUBE10065 TH108-Plus Aube Tech. Backlit LCD 240V Non-Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat, SPST, 3000 watts @ 240 volts, Single pole, 2 wires. Select
AUBE10010 TH115-A-240D Aube Tech. Double Pole, 240V Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat. 3600W @ 240V 15 Amp resistive 60 Hz 4 wires / DPST. 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight. 4 wires / DPST Select
AUBE10022 TH115-A-120S Aube Tech. programmable 2000 W @ 120 V, 16.7 A - 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight. 4 wires / SPST Select
AUBE10053 TH114-A-240D

Aube Tech. non-programmable 3600W @ 240V, 15.0 A resistive 60 Hz - backlight. 4 wires / DPST

AUBE10056 TH114-A-120S Aube Tech. non-programmable 2000W @ 120V, 16.7 A resistive 60 Hz - backlight. 4 wires / SPST Select


 White WR-65W SPST Thermostat, 40°F to 85°F, 120/240/277V, Single Pole, wall mount



 White WR-66W DPST Thermostat, 40°F to 85°F, 240/277V, Double Pole (D.P.S.T., Includes off position), wall mount

WR10001 WR-65 1A65-641 SPST Thermostat, 40F to 85F, 22 amp 120V, Single Pole, wall mount Select
WR10002 WR-66 1A66-641 DPST Thermostat, 40F to 85F, 22 amp 208/240V, 18 amp 277V, Double Pole (D.P.S.T.), wall mount Select
HONEYWELL10010 TL6120A1016

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 6000 5-2 day programmable thermostat - Single Pole - 240 Vac - White - SPST - 12.5 Amps Max: 3000 Watts at 240 VAC - 40 F to 80 F - Stages: 1 Heat

HONEYWELL10020 TL7235A1003

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 7000 Digital Non-Programmable White Thermostat. Double Pole, 15 Amps, 3600 Watts at 240 VAC, 3120 Watts at 208 VAC

AUBE10090 TL8230A1003

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 8000 7-Day Programmable Electric Heat Thermostat. Double Pole, 3600 W @ 240 V, 15 A. 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight

HONEYWELL10021 TL8130A1005

Honeywell LineVoltPRO 8000 Digital Programmable White Electric Heat Thermostat. Single Pole 16.7 Amps Max; 4000 Watts at 240 VAC, 3470 Watts at 208 VAC

HONEYWELL10015 YTL9160AR1000

Honeywell RedLINK Enabled EConnect Wireless Programmable Line Volt Thermostat kit switches up to 12.5 A. Kit includes Thermostat, Electrical Heat Equipment Interface Module and Antenna

HONEYWELL10016 TLM1110R1000

Honeywell RedLINK Enabled EConnect Interface Module and Antenna adds up to 12.5A of capacity to a Honewell EConnect Wireless Thermostat Kit

HONEYWELL10017 THM6000R1002

Honeywell RedLINK Internet Gateway plugs into your router and provides remote access to RedLINK enabled thermostats through internet browser, smartphone or tablet

Low Voltage Thermostats
AUBE10036 TH115-A-024T 0.5 A @ 24 V - R, C, W. 7-day programming, pre-programmed, backlight, low voltage Select
WR10030 1E30N-910 White-Rodgers 24V Low Voltage Thermostat Select


Honeywell 24 Volt Digital Thermostat


Optional Accessories
QMARK98319841025 TC1 Qmark Clear Plastic Universal Lockable Thermostat Guard. Dimensions: 7"L x 4.28"H x 2.74"D. Select
WR10009 24A06G-1

White Rodgers Dual Level-Temp Low Voltage Control Systems

AUBE10023 RC840T-240 Aube Technologies 208/240V Electromechanical relay with transformer. Select
AUBE10057 RC840T-277 Aube Technologies 277V Electromechanical relay with transformer. Select
AUBE10043 RC840 Aube Technologies 277V Electromechanical relay without transformer. Select

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