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Temperature Controls, Switches and Control Panels

Replacement/Crossover of Mercury Relay Contactors

Chromalox 1603E Digital 1/16 DIN Temperature Control with Configuration Port. Built-in Programming Port for Remote for OEM Fast Configuration.  Programming w/o Internal Hardware Switch.  SMART Self-Tuning with Fuzzy Logic.  Heat, Cool or Heat/Cool Control Capability. Universal Inputs TC, RTD. Soft Start Power Limiting on Power-Up Fostoria VHC-32 Variable 208/240 Volt Controller. Solid-state power control designed to provide a convenient way to adjust heat output on electric infrared heating elements. Control heaters on patios, in shelter houses or other protected outdoor environments. It can operate quartz lamps or quartz tubes up to a maximum of 3200 watts.
Chromalox 4003 DIN-Rail Mount Three Phase Power Controller. (A replacement for Mercury Contactors/Relays), Three Phase Loads up to 60 Amps, 575 Vac, 9-35 Vdc, 100-240 Vac or 24 Vac Input Signals, Easy DIN-Rail or Sub-Panel Installation, Size Compatible for Easy Replacement of Mercury Displacement Relays, Optional Integral Heatsink Thermostat Temperature Control Panels SCR or contactor panels sized to any application. Full-featured, digital-indicating temperature and over-temperature controllers
Chromalox 2110 1/4 DIN Temperature Control. 10 Amp Solid State Relay , 20 Amp Mechanical Relay, Plug-In Output Cards , J, K Thermocouple, or RTD Selectable Inputs, Simple setup, flexibility and control features in an attractive, compact design that both OEMs and users will find cost effective. Chromalox 4466/4468 Contactor Temperature Control Panel40, 75 or 90 Amp Contactor for Resistive Loads. 120/240/480 Vac Fused Control Power Transformer.  Sophisticated temperature and overtemperature controllers in a corrosion resistant NEMA 4X Fiberglas® or Nema 12 enclosure with a hinged screw cover. The panel is completely assembled, pre-wired, tested and ready for installation. Pilot Light or Controller Indication of Power "ON"
Chromalox 3101 1/4 DIN High/Low Digital Limit Controller.  Compact, fully programmable high or low limit controller Chromalox 1601E 1/16 DIN Digital Temperature Control with Configuration Port.  Built-in Programming Port for Remote for OEM Fast Configuration. Programming w/o Internal Hardware Switch. SMART Self-Tuning with Fuzzy Logic. Heat, Cool or Heat/Cool Control Capability. Universal Inputs TC, RTD. Soft Start Power Limiting on Power-Up
Fostoria Pre-Wired Contactor Panels, 50-300 amps, 1-6 contactors, NEMA 1 Enclosures Chromalox 2104 1/4 DIN Digital Temperature and Process Controller.  Five Outputs-Control, TC, RTD, Voltage and Current Sensor Inputs
Industrial/Commercial Space and Process Thermostats. Commercial Room Thermostats, Control Panel Thermostat,Wall Mounted Industrial Room Thermostat. ETI Snow and Ice Melting Controls and Sensors Roof & Gutter Heat Trace and Infrared Snow Melting Controls
Chromalox CH Infinite Control Mechanism. Mechanical Bi-Metal Operation, Knob Setting 0 - 100% Output, (DPST) Snap-Action, Positive Break, 120 or 240 Vac, 1,800 & 3,600 Watts. Infinite control for noninductive loads up to 15 Amps. Select proper heat from 0-100% wattage with infinite control over the first 50% of total wattage. HBControls Solid State Relay and Heat Sink Assemblies. Convenient DIN rail mounting configuration, finger-safe covers and utilize the highest quality relays available.
Chromalox VCF Percentage Timing Input Controller.  Flush mounted controller for indoor use, Motor Driven Cycling Device, 115 & 230 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 20 & 25 Amp Capacity, 15 & 30 Second Cycles, Percentage timing can be set to energize a heater for a chosen percentage (4-100%) of a preset 15 or 30 second cycle,  For Processes requiring exact replication of heat pulses, Varying work loads, Conveyors, Radiant heat control

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