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Chromalox 1/4" Diameter CIR Series Cartridge Heaters


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Chromalox Electric Heaters and Controls
Mor Electric Heating is an authorized distributor for


Type CIR





All dimensions in inches.

Chromalox Cartridge Heater Manual in .pdf Format - Heating Solids with Cartridge Heaters You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.

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Delivery times:

For heaters or with a stock status of ST (Stock): Typically in 5-7 workdays or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method.

For heaters with a stock status of NS (Non Stock): These products are non-returnable. Typically ships in 25-27 workdays or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method.

Price below does not include shipping cost which is calculated using your address before entering your credit card number.

Note: For heaters with a stock status of NS (Non Stock): A minimum order amount is required by Chromalox and varies depending on the price of the product. The total dollar value per line item must be at least approximately 300.00.

Item Id Catalog No. Stock Status (See note above)

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CHROM274255 CIR-1012 120V 100W ST


CHROM279216 CIR-1013 120V 75W ST Select
CHROM279224 CIR-1014 120V 150W NS Select
CHROM279283 CIR-10151 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM274263 CIR-1015 120V 125W ST Select
CHROM279291 CIR-10151 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM283952 CIR-10153 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM279232 CIR-1016 120V 50W NS Select
CHROM279240 CIR-1017 120V 100W NS Select
CHROM140396 CIR-10181 120V 100W ST Select
CHROM279259 CIR-1018 120V 150W NS Select
CHROM279267 CIR-1019 120V 175W NS Select
CHROM279275 CIR-1019 240V 175W NS Select
CHROM274271 CIR-1020 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM284664 CIR-10201 240V 300W NS Select
CHROM279339 CIR-1020 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM279304 CIR-1021 120V 100W ST Select
CHROM279312 CIR-1022 120V 125W NS Select
CHROM279320 CIR-1022 240V 125W NS Select
CHROM140409 CIR-10231 120V 150W ST Select
CHROM140417 CIR-10231 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM140425 CIR-10231 120V 80W ST Select
CHROM279347 CIR-1023 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM279355 CIR-1023 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM140441 CIR-102331 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM279363 CIR-1024 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM279371 CIR-1024 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM279380 CIR-1025 120V 175W NS Select
CHROM279398 CIR-1025 240V 175W NS Select
CHROM242069 CIR-1026 120V 80W ST Select
CHROM284550 CIR-1027 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM283960 CIR-1027 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM242085 CIR-1029 120V 250W ST Select
CHROM242093 CIR-1029 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM274280 CIR-1030 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM284672 CIR-10301 240V 250W ST Select
CHROM279427 CIR-1030 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM279400 CIR-1031 120V 100W NS Select
CHROM279419 CIR-1031 240V 100W NS Select
CHROM279435 CIR-1032 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM279443 CIR-1032 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM279451 CIR-1033 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM284605 CIR-1034 120V 150W NS Select
CHROM283979 CIR-1034 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM279460 CIR-1035 120V 100W NS Select
CHROM279478 CIR-1035 240V 100W NS Select
CHROM279486 CIR-1036 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM279494 CIR-1036 240V 200W NS Select
CHROM284699 CIR-1037 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM285421 CIR-1038 240V 225W NS Select
CHROM274298 CIR-1040 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM279540 CIR-1040 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM279507 CIR-1041 120V 100W NS Select
CHROM279515 CIR-1041 240V 100W NS Select
CHROM279523 CIR-1042 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM279531 CIR-1042 240V 200W ST Select
CHROM283987 CIR-1043 240V 250W NS Select
CHROM284592 CIR-1044 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM284568 CIR-1045 240V 300W NS Select
CHROM242106 CIR-1046 120V 200W ST Select
CHROM140450 CIR-10481 120V 300W ST Select
CHROM284007 CIR-10501 240V 150W ST Select
CHROM274300 CIR-1050 240V 350W ST Select
CHROM279566 CIR-1051 120V 100W NS Select
CHROM279582 CIR-1052 120V 200W NS Select
CHROM279590 CIR-1052 240V 200W NS Select
CHROM279603 CIR-1053 120V 300W NS Select
CHROM279611 CIR-1053 240V 300W ST Select
CHROM283995 CIR-1054 240V 400W ST Select
CHROM279620 CIR-1055 240V 150W NS Select
CHROM284015 CIR-1056 240V 500W ST Select
CHROM274319 CIR-1060 240V 400W ST Select

Chromalox® is a registered trademark.

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