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E.F.M. Elect-T-Therm Electric Boiler for Forced Hot Water Systems

We are a distributor for E.F.M. Sales Company

The E.F.M. Electric Boiler is compact, clean, quiet and does not require a storage facility or chimney allowing convenient installation near the point of use. The boiler provides and energy efficient supply of warm and comfortable heat, and is built to E.F.M. quality standards-the highest in the heating industry.

This electric boiler is versatile and provides an easy-to-use heat source for forced hot water systems in:
* New Homes
* Replacement Systems in Existing Homes
* Back-Up Units for Solar Heating Systems
* Supplemental Heating System for the Heat Pump

The heating system eliminates the need for fuel storage facilities and chimneys. There are never any odors to permeate the home or combustion emissions to pollute our environment.

The electric boiler is extremely compact and can be easily wall-mounted almost anywhere in the home to provide heat for areas that are isolated from the main heat supply. These areas include garages, apartments, and utility rooms to name a few.

Quiet operation is maintained because elements are energized in steps, thus preventing power surge and start-up vibration. Quality electrical componentry, circulator and cabinet design also contribute to the whisper-quiet operation of the electric boiler.

Energy Efficient:
With E.F.M. unique "flow control" system, the electric boiler delivers a steady flow of healthful heat using a minimal amount of electricity. Low watt density heating elements, low voltage thermostat and thorough insulation for minimum heat loss are just a few design features built in to deliver more comfort for every energy dollar.

Small Boiler Big Ideas:
When your projects call for the efficiency of hot water heat and the convenience of electricity, choose the EFM boiler. The EFM boiler is small enough to install almost anywhere (remember, all you need is a wall), yet powerful to handle big hot water heating jobs.

A Word About Supplemental Heat For The Heat Pump

If you live in the great northeast, or in a region of the country where temperatures regularly fall below 40F in the winter, the heat pump will run almost constantly to heat the home. When the temperatures fall below 32F, most heat pumps literally shut down and the resistance heat comes on to provide back-up.

To extend the life of the very expensive heat pump unit, the electric boiler provides supplemental heat allowing the heat pump to "rest".

When heat is called for when the temperature drops below 32F, the air in the heat pump system is below body temperature and therefore feels cool. The electric boiler can provide a heat source that is warm and comfortable to the touch.

Designed by E.F.M.
For Reliable Home Heating Comfort

A Summary of Practical Applications

Solar Heating Systems:
Every active solar heating system needs a reliable back-up heating unit that can perform through long periods of adverse weather. EFM boiler is UL listed as a central heating boiler, thus providing the power needed for total solar security.

Recreational Pools:
Because the EFM boiler heats water fast and efficiently, it is an ideal way to warm swimming pool water. Ideal for home, hotel, club and spa pools, and popular with the hot tubs, too. Its powerful circulator maintains steady flow to keep water at uniform temperature.

Therapeutic Pools:
Sports and institutional facilities need a precisely regulated hot water supply for their hydrotherapy facilities. Of course, the EFM boiler is the safe choice, offering a high limit switch feature that instantly de-energizes heating elements at a set temperature while the circulator continues operation.

Condominiums, Co-Ops, Apartments:
When each living unit needs individual hot water heat, EFM boiler is the cost-efficient answer. It features staged start-up for quiet operation; can be easily piped into existing hydronic systems; is great for new construction; and a necessity for conversion projects.

A Summary of Product Features

* Five models --- (10 kw to 30 kw).
* One-piece steel boiler shell.
* Easily accessible controls.
* Low voltage thermostat.
* Heats single or multi-zone systems.
* Heat process water used in a manufacturing process.
* Boiler Cabinet easily removes before or after piping unit to system.
* UL Listed as central heating boiler.
* Circulator piped and wired at factory.
* One-Piece Steel Boiler Shell, ASME-Construction.
* Built-in dip tube air elimination system.
* Low voltage thermostat.
* Uniform water temperature.
* Factory tested.
* Low voltage fuse protected control circuit.
* 10 years limited warranty on boiler shell.
    Plus 10 years pro-rated at 5% per year.
    Full year limited warranty on all other components.

A Summary of Product Benefits

The E.F.M. electric boiler features low watt density heating elements installed through the sides of the boiler with ample access for service. The elements are energized in steps to prevent power surge, prolonging heater element life and assuring quiet operation.

Standard controls are factory-wired on the control panel. All control are easily accessible through the removable cover.

Every boiler is insulated with fiberglass insulation for minimum heat loss and housed in a rugged steel cabinet finished in azure blue power coat for extra durability.

Clean, compact, quiet energy efficient, versatile, affordable, and backed by the legendary E.F.M. name. And it's available now!

Heating America's Homes For Over 75 Years.

Energy efficiency is important consideration when buying any heating system. But there are other factors you must consider too. Like manufacturer experience, reputation and service. The simple fact is, any heating system is only as good as the company behind it.

So consider this: For over 75 years, E.F.M., in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, has been designing and manufacturing boilers and furnaces to supply dependable comfort for America's homeowners. When you do something for that long, you naturally master the process.

Because of our strict quality control standards, only the finest materials and craftsmanship is used to manufacture our products. And so it is that our boilers have become the "stuff of legend", with many of our units seeing continuous service for 40 years or longer.

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ITEM ID MODEL RATING KW GROSS # OF 5KW HEATER ELEMENTS Click "Select" below to see our price and our actual real-time quantity in stock
EFM10008 EB4-10 10 34,000 2 Select
EFM10004 EB4-15 15 51,000 3 Select
EFM10019 EB4-20 20 68,000 4 Select
EFM10010 EB4-25 25 85,000 5 Select
EFM10002 EB4-30 30 102,000 6 Select
  75001 109P #15 FILTROL FOR EB4-10, 15 & 20 (Recommended to keep air out of system in case system is energized when not full of water)
  75002 110P #30 FILTROL FOR EB4-25 & 30 (Recommended to keep air out of system in case system is energized when not full of water)

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