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Avatar Instruments SCR Power Controllers

Avatar Instruments SCR Power Controllers

We are a distributor for Avatar Instruments

Avatar Instruments manufactures high performance proportional controls for industrial electric heaters:

Avatar Instruments provides high quality, rugged, industry proven power controls at competitive prices. Delivery from stock gives customers prompt turn around time.

A1Z, A3Z and A6Z SCR Power Controllers  - "Touch Safe" heat sinks, Zero voltage switching. A1P SCR Power Controllers  - "Touch Safe" Grounded heat sinks, isolated SCR's, 10 to 600 Ampere current ratings, Phase angle proportional control.
A3P SCR Power Controllers "Touch Safe" Grounded heat sinks, isolated SCR's, 10 to 600 Ampere current ratings, Phase angle proportional control. D Series SCR Power Controllers  Manually controlled, Works on 120V to 480V lines, 20 to 60 Ampere packages, 1 to 98% power output resolution, 100K Ohm potentiometer.
CZ SSR Power Controllers - Low cost SSR Zero Voltage switched power controllers, single or three phase fused power controls used to replace mercury or mechanical relays. R1 SCR Power Controllers  - Low Cost ON-OFF  contactors used to replace single pole mercury or mechanical relays.
C1P SCR Power Controllers  Linear Phase Angle proportional control, ideal for open wire radiant or fluid heaters, Industrial package TRIAC's, Up to 300% better than “light dimmers” , Cost effective 20-60 Amp, 120V to 480V units 2CP-8CP SCR Power Controllers Multi-Zone Phase Angle Fired or zero voltage switched, 2 to 8 zone packages available, 10-100 Ampere Output up to 480 Volts
TSS SCR Power Controllers  - 2 wire, solid state temperature control For use with low mass Alumel, nickel, Balco or Tungsten elements MAP, MTP, MAI and MITP mA Output & Interface Potentiometer Control SCR & SSR Drives VDC to mA Cards

Heater/Load Type

Heater/Load Characteristics

Control Type

Typical Applications

Model Numbers

Constant Resistance Elements. Immersion heaters. Slow Response On/Off Zero Voltage   
Large tank heating and mechanical relay replacement. A1Z, A3Z, A6Z, R1 and CZ
Medium wave infrared, ceramic, cartridge, duct, strip, and band heaters. Platens. Faster response, Constant resistance heaters only. Zero Voltage Switched Thermoforming, textiles, industrial furnaces and ovens, extruders, kilns, chemical process heating, fast water heat. A1Z, A3Z, CZ and D1P
Open coil/wire heaters. Medium wave IR quartz. IR panels. Fastest, most precise response. Phase Angle Fired Paper and pulp drying, packaging machines, pharmaceutical processes, infrared ovens & dryers. A1P, C1P, A3P, D1P, 2CP and 8CP
Silicon Carbide
heaters. Graphite heaters.
Load changes in resistance with age. High temperature elements. Phase Angle Fired with Current Limit Option High temperature ovens and furnaces, glass, ceramics and high temperature alloys. A1P, A3P, 2CP and 8CP
Tungsten (T-3) lamps and heaters. Short wave IR elements. Molybdenum heaters. High inrush currents
High hot: cold resistance ration
Tungsten 14:1, Molybdenum 20:1
Phase Angle Fired with Soft Start option High speed paper and ink dryers, high temperature IR heating, high temperature materials processing. A1P, A3P and 8CP

Used with permission of and copyright Avatar Instruments

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