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Accessories for Electric Heating

Thermostat Wire. 18 Gauge Low voltage Thermostat cable with insulated solid conductors used in heating and air conditioning installations. Type CL2, 300V rating. Brown. UL listed. 5 color: Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green. 18/5 Thermwire #55305-04-07 by Coleman Cable. Ceramic Insulators hold metal coils. 120-480 Volt. Maximum safe operating temperature is 2000F (1093 C)
Fiberglass Cloth Tape Fiberglass cloth tape roll with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Fiberglass cloth tape roll with pressure-sensitive thermosetting silicone adhesive. 365 F (185C) rated. 3/4" (1.9 cm) wide x 108 ft. (32.91 m) long roll. Aluminum Foil Tape High temperature tape roll with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. 2" (5.08 cm) wide x 150 ft. (54.86 m) long roll, 200 F (93C) rated.
Ceramic Beads (1/2LB Bag) (1610 Beads) for protecting power lead wires. Ceramic Interlocking and Tubular Beads for Insulation (Steatite C220) for protecting power lead wires. Sold by the bag. 22 sizes available. Heat Transfer and Release Compound Improves heat transfer and release of cartridge, tubular in drilled holes. Strip and Ring heaters in grooves or clamped on to rough surfaces.  Recommended for use in the above applications where sheath temperature of the heater is expected to exceed 750F. Excellent heat transfer coefficient approaching that of aluminum. Max. Temperature: 1800F
High Temperature Wire & Accessories  MG and TGGT sizes 4 gauge through 22 gauge, 600 volt, 842F (450C), fiberglass overbraid

Thermocouple Wire 20 gauge, thermocouple grade stranded wire and extension grade wire

Ceramic Wire Connectors A cone connector for high temperature applications.  Ribbed design for easy use. Used in electrical, heating and cooking appliances. Large skirt opening permits fast wire entrance during hand or power drive assembly. Rated 300 volts maximum. Listed as pressure type connectors for joining solid and/or stranded wire

Insulation - Ceramic Fiber Alumina-silica insulation. 1" or 1/4" thick  x 48" wide. Blanket recommended for use in infrared panels. Flexible and lightweight.

Terminal Blocks - High Temperature Ceramic Make wiring connections to heaters efficient and easy with a touch safe design.  1 Pole, 5 Amps.  2 Pole, 15 Amps. 3 Pole, 15 Amps. 4 Pole, 15 Amps. Fitted with Nickel plated brass connectors, they can withstand 482F (250C)

Terminal Blocks - Very High Temperature Ceramic. Make wiring connections to heaters efficient and easy.  2 Pole, 32 Amps. 3 Pole, 32 Amps.  Fitted with Stainless Steel connectors, they can withstand long term temperatures of 900F (500C) and can withstand 1292F (700C) during short time periods.
Fiberglass Sleeving Secondary insulation of electrical wires in high temperature applications. Fiberglass Protective Sleeving (Very High Temperature, Heat Annealed). In temperatures as high as 1200F

Terminal Connections (Ring, Spade and Slide Terminals and Butt Connectors) High-temperature non-insulated terminals made of alloy steel and nickel plated for temperatures up to 900F (482C).

thermoc.tif (195480 bytes) Thermocouples and RTD's (Resistance Temperature Detectors) Infrared Sensors Non-contact temperature detection.  Pre-Calibrated Infrared Thermocouples, Stainless Steel, Mounting holes with screws, Airpurge/Aircool

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