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Chromalox® 1604 1/16 DIN Dual 4 Digit Display Digital Temperature Control

Chromalox Electric Heaters and Controls
Mor Electric Heating is an authorized distributor for Chromalox®


The 1604 controller has all of the advanced control features of the 1601 and 1603 controllers, plus more. The dual display provides process and setpoint indication with 0.1 degree resolution. The optional third output may be used as a heater break down indication alarm. RS-485 Digital Communications and ChromaSoft ® compatibility expand the applications and networking possibilities.


Heat/Cool Control Features Selection of Cooling Medium and Overlap
Auto/Manual Control
Two Independent (Run-Idle) Setpoints Dry contact input can be connected to toggle between setpoint #1 and setpoint #2.
• LEDs give visual indication of active setpoint
• Programmable ramp up/ramp down between two setpoints protects against overshoot/undershoot
Independent Programmable Ramp on Setpoint Change Prevents overshoot/undershoot of process temperature when setpoint is changed.
• Independently programmed Ramp Up/Ramp Down 1-10
per minute
• Operates on any Setpoint Change (Manual or Run-Idle)
Heater Breakdown Alarm/Current Monitoring Alarm is activated when load current reaches excessively low or high values, indicating an open load, disconnected wire or welded contact.
• Prevents damage to sensitive processes and equipment
• Displays load current without separate ammeter



All Dimensions in Inches (mm)


  Part No  PCN
Current Transformer, for 0.0-10.0 Amp Load Current 0149-01340 306480
Current Transformer, for 0-25 Amp Load Current 0149-01341 306350
Current Transformer, for 0-50 Amp Load Current 0149-01342 306368
Current Transformer, for 0-100 Amp Load Current 0149-01343 306376
ChromaSoft ® Remote Operator Interface Software SOFT-12000  n/a

*Controllers with the Heater Break Down option, model 1604-xx2xx and 1604-xx4xx require a Current Transformer to monitor the load current controlled by the 1604 controller. Specify one of the four Current Transformers listed below when ordering a controller with the Heater Break Down option.

Chromalox Specification Data Sheet

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Item ID PCN# Catalog# / Description Click "Select" below to see our price and actual real-time quantity in stock
CHROM306270 306270 1604-11030 / RELAY-RELAY OUTPUT Select
CHROM306288 306288 1604-61030 / SSR DRIVE-RELAY OUT Select
CHROM306288 306296 1604-11130 / 3-RELAY OUTPUTS Select
CHROM306309 306309 1604-61130 / SSR DR 2-RELAY OUT Select
CHROM306317 306317 1604-11230 / 3-RELAY HTR BREAK Select
CHROM306325 306325 1604-61230 / SSR DR 2RLY HBD R54 Select
CHROM306333 306333 1604-11430 / 3RLY HBD RS485 Select
CHROM306341 306341 1604-61430 / SSR DR 2RLY BHD Select
CHROM306499 306499 1604-11330 / RLY-RLY RS485 Select
CHROM306501 306501 1604-61330 / SSR-DR-RLY RS485 Select
CHROM307491 307491 1604-71130 / 4-20MA 2-RELAY Select
CHROM326001 326001 1604-71330 / 4-20MA 2RLY RS485 Select
CHROM328970 328970 1604-11050 / RLY-RLY 24VDC Select
CHROM328989 328989 1604-61050 / SSR DR RLY 24VDC Select
CHROM329744 329744 1604-71150 / 4-20MA 2-RELAY 24V ST A Select

Chromalox® is a registered trademark.

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